Family Holiday Portraits

Family portraits are a big holiday business. As people go home to visit family and loved ones for the holidays, many would appreciate capturing these get-togethers with a photographer.

Many photographers are willing to visit family’s homes for personal sessions. It is best to review photographer’s portfolios, which is why photographers should always keep online or hardcopy portfolios available for consumers to browse.

Photographers generally have professional cameras, photo editing software, photo sharing and storage software, a website and business cards. Photo sharing makes it easy for customers to select which photos they would like framed, albeit it for antique oval picture frames for grandparents, a gold oval frame for parents or modern black oval picture frames for today’s contemporary couples. Having access to photo sharing software also makes it easy to select which pictures would make an excellent hardcover photo album. These make the perfect holiday gift for families.

Most photographers begin their journey into family photos by word-of-mouth. They generally begin reaching out to their own family and friends that are interested in holiday photographs. Most people are comfortable around photographers they know, which helps them build a solid portfolio.

Facebook and other social media outlets also offer an excellent way to highlight photography services. Offering family gift packages is also excellent. These packages can include travel to families’ houses, setting up portraits, framing and sending digital copies. This takes all the stress off families. They simply need to show up and look nice for pictures.

The simpler the package is, the more families will likely jump at the opportunity to take up the offer for affordable holiday family photography packages. The key for photographers is that the more they market themselves, the more business they will receive.

When setting rates, professional photographers need to consider the following:

  • Travel Costs – Consider how long it takes to get to the family’s house or the location they choose. Factor in gas costs.
  • Post-Session – Look into post-session work, such as editing, uploading and sharing images. How long will this take?
  • Equipment and Subscriptions – Calculate the costs associated with modern photography equipment, including a website and software editing costs.
  • Tax Deductions – As a sole proprietor, photographers can deduct their business expenses. Save all receipts and consult with a tax professional or accountant for more information.
8th Dec 2015

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