Five Beautiful Places to See Fall Foliage in the USA

Family vacations can range from amusement parks to lush resorts, but one of the best experiences you can give your children when they are young is the gift of beautiful scenery.

Getting out of your element, especially if you live in a part of the country where evergreens or pines reign supreme, is a great way to amaze your family with how beautiful the natural scenery of the some of the most colorful fall places can be. See below for the five most beautiful places in the country to check out those fall colors.

Asheville, North Carolina. Though the peak colors are in October, it has one of the longest fall color seasons in thecountry. What makes it unique is the variations of elevation of the Carolina mountains, plus several different types of trees. This offers an array of colors that visitors can easily find, within a city that offers much more in addition to the beauty.

Charlottesville, Virginia. Another city offering a long fall foliage season, this also happens to be the location of the home of Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello. After taking a drive up to Blue Ridge Parkway, you can ingratiate yourself into history by touring the home of one of our founding fathers, and admire the rich collection of art and photographs in beautiful antique oval frames.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A favorite among southerners for fall cabin rental, Gatlinburg offers a great late season fall foliage area because of over one hundred different species of trees plus low elevation in some areas. The lower the elevation, the later the trees tend to turn.

Lennox, Massachusetts. A very unique place, Lennox offers something you can’t find in many parts of the country. They are “in transition” between two forests that come together, offering the oaks that are beloved in the south, and the sugar maples that we so often see in the north, offering a special variety. According to the Berkshire Tourism Office, Lennox has “the good fortune to observe this annual spectacle in Berkshire County.”

Newberg, Oregon. For wine lovers who want to enjoy vineyards among the fall colors, there are over 170 wineries in the surrounding county. Take a drive through wine country, and bring your camera to capture the beautiful changing colors of the vines. Then stop by for a tour and enjoy your evening in style.

After your fall foliage trip concludes, be sure to get some high-quality prints of the beautiful photos you will undoubtedly capture. With digital media moving so quickly in technology, it’s important to have prints made that will stand the test of time. Pick some of your favorite spots that really evoked your emotion, and frame them in a gorgeous oval wood picture frame or even a bubble glass frame to add some dimension and light to the frame. 

20th Nov 2017

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