Five Fall Wreaths You Can Make From Picture Frames

Whether decorating for indoors or outdoors, a wreath is a simple yet elegant way to really show your love of the season. Wreaths are often thought of as a circle of flowers or floral elements, but they can be made from almost anything you can think of, and the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for an easy way to make a statement in your home this fall, try some of these out-of-the-box ideas that are sure to impress. All you’ll need are some cheap oval picture frames, some craft store supplies and maybe a little bit of glue and patience.

Black oval frame chalkboard wreath. Using a black oval picture frame, secure a small hook or nail at the top center of your frame. Choose your backing material (such as plywood or even cardboard) then cut it to a smaller oval size to fit inside the frame with a little room to spare. Cover it with several layers of chalkboard paint, and then punch a hole through the top of your new board. Hang it with ribbon from the top of your frame, and add a sweet phrase like “Home Sweet Home.” Change it up from week to week for a fresh look!

Wooden Initial Door Wreath. Using an oval wood frame, paint it whatever color you would like to match your current season, or leave the wood natural. Choose an appropriate sized wooden initial from a craft store, and paint it to match your frame. Using craft or hot glue, secure the initial to the bottom of the frame, and decorate as you would like. Hang a ribbon on the top, or simply use a wreath hook to secure your new monogram to the door.

Tulle Pumpkin Decoration. Although this may not count as an actual wreath, it’s very fall appropriate, and great for outer or inner doors. Using any oval frame of round wooden frame, cover your fame with orange tulle. Puff it out to create a more three-dimensional look. After securing your orange tulle, add a puff of green at the top to simulate a stem, and grouping of fall flowers or a lovely brown bow at the bottom to complete the look.

A bunched material candy corn wreath. Everyone loves candy corn, and the sweet treat is notoriously found right around fall. Using a round or rectangular frame, purchase material in the signature dark orange, light orange and white of the candy corn. Cut the material into strips wide enough to cover the edge of your frame, and bunch them. Glue them to your frame in rotating sections to create a clean look.

Make a gorgeous faux owl’s nest. Create your wreath look using whatever materials you like, but keep the theme in nature. Greens, browns, whites, and twigs and feathers make for great faux nest materials. Secure a few realistic fake owls to the bottom of your wreath, making it look like the perfect perch for these winter birds. 

24th Nov 2017

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