Five Gorgeous Valentine’s Wreaths to Show Your Door Some Love

February is the month of love, and a welcome transition from full-on winter to the first hints of spring. If you want to bring some color to the dull days of cold in your neighborhood, a Valentine wreath is the perfect way to make your front door pop.

If you are looking for some beautiful DIY ideas for a wreath of your own, see below for five ideas that are sure to make your fall in love with your curb appeal.

Get creative with shapes. Ovals and circles are certainly flexible options, but why not use an old heart-shaped picture frame or a heart-shaped pre-made wreath of twigs? You can wrap ribbon around the shape or glue artificial florals in pinks, purples, and whites to bring a feminine touch. If you would rather keep things simple, the hearts would look great in a trio hanging on the inside walls of a foyer or stairwell.

Use hydrangeas to make a statement. Hydrangeas have long been known to be a symbol of love, and they happen to be a flower that comes in a gorgeous full bloom and several different colors. Choose a mix of reds, pinks and whites or go all deep red for a dramatic look, and attach them to an old oval or circle picture frame. The base will be covered enough that it doesn’t matter the condition of the frame.

Give your neighbors hugs and kisses. No, not talking about giving actual hugs or kisses to the neighborhood, but showing your love in the figurative sense with a unique door hanger. Using twig bases or old frames, create a letter “X” and a letter “O,” and cover them with beautiful flowers, berries, or ribbons. Then, attach them together vertically to create a hug and kiss combo to hang from front your doorstep.

Create a rustic look for a vacation home with old corks. Using an old antique oval frame or circle picture frame base, cover them with old corks from wine bottles or purchased at a craft store. You can create a fuller look by covering the entire space, or just cover the frame with a hollow inside. Then attached a single flower in the middle, or a message spelled out with twine or ribbon.

Forget the pinks for classic whites and creams. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be bold, it can also be simple and classic. Forgo the pink petals in favors of gorgeous white flowers like hydrangeas, camellias or gardenias. Not only will this transition better into spring, but it will add an elegant touch to your outdoor decor. 

4th Feb 2019

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