Five Holiday Wreaths You Can Make Using Oval Frames

Oval picture frames are very common and can look beautiful displaying your favorite memories within your home. However, if you have too many that have collected over the years, you may find yourself not having enough wall space in which to hang your collection.

With a little help from a craft store, and some quality time spent indoors, you can put those oval frames to use to make a gorgeous holiday wreath for your front door, and for use anywhere in your home that you feel like making a little more festive. Follow these simple ideas below.

Create a concentric masterpiece with three different sizes. If you have three oval wooden picture frames that will fit within each other, you can make an amazing layering effect by painting them all the same color, and hanging them together. Simply use a ribbon at the back of each frame top to secure them all together, and tie a large bow at the top for decoration. You can keep it plain, or decorate each oval how you would like.

Spice up an antique oval frame with natural elements. Antique oval frames are gorgeous on their own, but you don’t want it to look like you just hung a frame on your front door. Spruce up the unique molding by adding natural elements from a craft store such as holly leaves, spruce firs or artificial cranberries. This elegant look works well for homes that like more traditional decor during their holidays.

Use washi tape and ornaments to create a burst of color. If you are the type that loves to use every glittery ornament in your holiday arsenal, but can’t find a place for it all, try incorporating it into your holiday door wreath. Add some washi craft tape to decorate the frame itself, and either layer the colors to cover the entire original color or just one that compliments the original frame. After you have finished the frame, either hot glue the ornaments to the front, or use a ribbon or string to tie them from the top of your frame to hang.

Cover an old frame with black and white photographs. This unique wreath is best for indoors, but the effect is unique and stunning. Using black and white prints, glue them onto your picture frame in a way that every inch of the original color is covered in photographs. They can be family photos or photos of holidays past that you just admire. The pattern should resemble the leaves on a natural wreath, with the photograph edges sticking out.

Hang a winter object from your frame. For another great indoor decoration, try hanging something that speaks to you about the season from the inside of your frame, like a pair of ice skates or a special ornament. Paint the frame to match, or to compliment the color scheme of the object. 

15th Dec 2017

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