Five Must Have Pieces for Every Home

Interior designers agree that there are five essential pieces for every home. These help to turn a house into a home, making it an everyday retreat.

  • Midcentury – Select a midcentury piece of furniture. Even though this is still defined as “modern,” it is now “retro” and gives rooms a timeless and updated look. Match this with a collage of black oval picture frames that highlight simple photos or drawings. The simplicity of these classic styles pair perfectly together. Midcentury furniture includes chairs, tables, curvy traditional chests or 1950’s style headboards. A great way to introduce this style is in the dining room. Add retro-style chairs to the dining room table, mixing an old wood table with chic seating.
  • White and Black – Interior designs recommend adding a touch of black and white to each room. White is easy and comforting, but too many black accents can be overwhelming. Consider adding a black oval frame against a white background, which adds the perfect balance. Even colorful rooms can benefit from a touch of black. Consider adding black lights to rooms that have abundant touches of color.
  • Textures – Always mix textures to add a subtle touch of richness. This includes mixing and matching upholstery textures, such as burlap, cotton, linens, faux animal hides, silk, sheers, metal, wood and glass. These add significant depth to any room and are easy to mix and match. Additional textures that pair well in homes also includes woven baskets, plants, smooth woods, Lucite chairs, wool, cashmere and exposed bulbs. Remember to introduce wall art, including round photo frames and round wood pictures frames.
  • Imperfections – Embrace imperfections by adding furniture that has a long history. Consider incorporating something with personal meaning or vintage character. This may include a unique side table, antique bedding, or custom drapes. It is important that a room is never too perfect, because nothing in life is actually flawless. Imperfections speak to people and make a room feel homey. Additional imperfections can include old moldings, midcentury stools, contemporary sconces or anything that relates a room to the past, present and future.
  • Flowers – Fresh flowers and plants add a sense of life and charisma to any room. It helps gives rooms a freshness that makes them feel as though the outdoors is coming inside. Even a few blooms in a simple bud vase add delightful, colorful detail to any room. Living plants also have the added benefit of giving off oxygen, which is healthy for the environment and home. Check with a greenhouse or plant specialist for recommendations based on lighting, temperature and maintenance before purchasing plants. This will help ensure plants live long, healthy and happy lives.


11th Jan 2016

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