Five Round Picture Frames That Are Anything But Boring

Round picture frames can get a bad rap for being hard to work with, or boring and plain. These unique shaped picture frames can be some of the most unique and beautiful picture frames available.

If you are looking to stray from the normal rectangular picture frame that may be taking up your gallery wall, or just want to add some colorful or ornate pieces into the mix, see below for some great round picture frames to look for next time you are out shopping at a high-end frame store.

Put those smaller prints to use in a collage frame. Round wood picture frames don’t have to be made for just round cut photos. If you have some smaller prints that are from a singular day or photo shoot, then add them to a collage frame within a round frame. The rectangular cuts will fit these prints easily and beautifully, and but the round frame will stand out on your wall for its unique shape.

Go for a vintage look with a round bubble glass frame. Convex glass, or bubble glass, is a unique effect that was used for a short period of time to frame older photographs. This once popular style was quite expensive to commission, so it was a sign of wealth or propriety. Today, bubble glass frames are not as hard to come by, nor quite as expensive. They can, however, give a very vintage look if you want a more antique round picture frame gallery wall.

Add some shine with gilded gold. If your decor color scheme centers around warmed colors such as reds, browns or oranges, gold frames are the best color to compliment your warm tones. Gilded gold antique round frames are rich in color, and can be beautifully ornate or stunningly simple in appearance. If you want one with much detail, be sure to look for the signs of a true authentic antique frame or a high-end replica that will look just as amazing.

Spice up a plain frame with your own decoration. Adding colorful tiles in a gradient pattern or artificial flowers to the edges of a plain round wooden frame are a great way to customize the look that you want in your room. You can make it edgy for a more modern look, or use pastels and florals to add a touch of femininity. These supplies can be found at any craft store, and require just a little vision and time.

Get uneven with your edges. Just because the base of a frame is circular, the edges can be wild in wonderful ways. Sunburst frames are a great example of a circular base that literally bursts out from the center with metal or glass pieces, creating a sunshine effect. These frames are great for clocks or mirrors to serve a function as well. 

12th Jan 2018

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