Five Summer Decor Staples

Summertime is the best season to break out all of the colorful decor you've been storing away during the dreary winter weather months. However, some items tend to bring out the summer vibes better than others.

If you are looking for some summer staple pieces to start collecting, see below for some great ideas on what to start with that will become your favorite classic summer pieces.

Wreaths. One of the easiest ways to refresh your home is with seasonal wreaths. Not just for the front door anymore, these decorative pieces can be used all over the home on dining room walls or living room mantels. To make a few summer wreaths of your own, you can use an old circle frame or oval picture frame as a base, and add anything from artificial blooms to a red, white and blue ribbon for a patriotic look. Feel free to use materials you find in nature as well, such as seashells from your beach vacation, or twigs right from the backyard.

Trays. Trays can be used in so many ways that they can easily be left out for the entire year. Stick with gold if you are using more warm hues in your summer colors, or go with silver for cooler tones. Use them as backdrops for displaying china, or have them pull double duty as a decorative piece and a play for magazines, remote controls or coffee books on the coffee table. These versatile pieces will work just about anywhere.

Vases. Vases can be some of the most interesting pieces of your decor in your home. They come in so many colors, shapes, sizes and materials that they are often works of art within themselves, even without summer flowers to fill them. One of the more popular vase fillers that are being seen in decor trends these days is dried natural cotton sticks. If you want to add more color, choose bold summer flowers that are in season, or use artificial fruits such as strawberries, blueberries or bananas as filler in a clear vase.

Baskets and crates. Baskets and crates are incredibly versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors. For a summer garden, a crate works well as a summer planter, or hang a few from the fence to hold tools and garden gloves when not in use. Paint them any color you choose, or leave them in their natural wood state for a more rustic look. For baskets, keep them indoors for summer shoes by the door, or a special bin for wet pool towels.

Lanterns. Lanterns can be used year round, but they can especially give out a camping vibe when used within the home for light. Let the natural sunlight flood the room during the day, but use the lanterns in the evening to create the kind of cozy atmosphere that you’d find sleeping under the stars. Check out any craft store for a variety of small or larger lanterns to fill the rooms in your home. 

23rd Jul 2018

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