Five Ways to Decorate Your Home with Spring Blooms

Are you sick of the dreary days of winter? Thankfully spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the arrival of new decor to brighten up your space and welcome the season in sunshine.

Florals have always been used in every type of design, but if you are looking for some truly unique ways to display your favorite spring blooms, see below.

Create a gallery wall from free floral prints. Bless’er House offers gorgeous free prints to share the spring love. Simply print your favorites, and put them in some gorgeous antique glass picture frames or some ornate vintage oval frames to place in the sunniest room of the house. You’ll be practically smelling the daffodils as you pass by your new favorite gallery wall when the weather gets warmer.

Use an old black oval frame to make a stunning contrast wreath. With some dark background, the blooms on this simple door wreath will stand out for miles from your door. You can choose to preserve your own flowers from your garden, or use realistic looking faux ones from your local crafts store. Keep things simple and underwhelming by just securing your blooms on one side of your frame, so the black of your oval can be seen.

Use shower rings to make gorgeous floral napkin holders. This craft requires little more than some beautiful green ribbon and a few small artificial flowers. Simply wrap your ribbon around the shower rings to cover the original material, and secure the ends with some glue. Then add your flowers at one side of the ring, and place some beautiful linens for your next garden party.

Convert a colander into a planter. Colanders can be found at just about any dollar store or grocery store, and they can make perfect planters. Paint your colander any color your want, but be sure to leave the holes open for water drainage. Add some twine to each handle of the side and connect in the middle to make a hanger. If you want several to display, make the lengths different so that they are staggered when they hang.

Put those pine cones to use. Pine cones can be annoying when they fall or they get stepped on, but they can also make for beautiful, natural, and inexpensive decorations! Using a sharp knife, cut the bottom off your pine cones so only the wide part remains. Paint them using acrylic craft paint in every color your can think of, and add a yellow dot in the center. After they dry, arrange them in a bowl and you will have a colorful arrangement of faux zinnias that are sure to brighten up any table. 

4th Mar 2019

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