Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Oval Frames for the New Year

Oval frames are unique and gorgeous pieces that often stand out on their own in a world full of rectangular art pieces and photographs. However, even oval frames can be basic and need some refreshment every once in a while.

If you have some plain black oval frames or even more ornate antique oval frames that could just use a fresh look, see below for some great examples of ways to make your frames a work of art themselves.

Make a beautiful door knocker frame. Door knockers are a staple in older homes, but they can often be clunky or worn down. Decorate your door with a vintage oval frame, painted distressed white. Hang some artificial flowers drooping from the bottom for a beautiful sign of spring to come. If you prefer to keep things more in a warm tone, keep the original wooden look of the frame, or use something in gold or brass.

Create a natural look with dried moss. Dried moss can be preserved for years, and makes for a magical look in or outdoors. Simply use hot glue or paint fabric glue on your frame to cover it with the preserved moss. You can also add artificial or dried flowers to create an outdoor wreath for your front door, or use the frame as is with a photo or painting inside.

Frame your frame with a contrasting shape. A great way to update an oval frame is to keep the basic shape, but add a rectangular frame around it. You can do this by taking a piece of material such as wooden or metal and cutting the frame shape of your oval frame from the center. Then simply overlay the two for a unique, fresh look.

Recover your oval frames with padding and fabric. If you want a softer look for something like a nursery or little girl’s room, try adding padding to the edge of your oval frame and cover it with fabric using glue or a stapler. You can choose from rich colors like red and gold to light pastels or even a pattern.

Update your oval framed mirrors with colorful tiles. Small tiles, like those you can find to create colorful backsplashes in kitchens, or intricate patterns for shower stalls make for great pieces to update a plain oval mirror. Choose some in a family of the same color for a gradient look, or make a pattern with different colors to make it really stand out. If you don’t like the square cut of the tiles on an oval frame, you can get the same effect with a smoother finish using colorful fabricated stones. 

17th Jan 2018

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