Five Ways to Make Your Home More Patriotic

Summer is a time of remembrance for our country, as it is the season that holds one of the most important holidays beloved by Americans. Our Independence Day is not just a day for fireworks and grilling with family, but a time to celebrate the greatness of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

There are many ways to make your home more red, white and blue this summer, but if you are looking for some great ideas on how to celebrate our beloved land, see below.

Make a circle wreath from torn fabric and felt. All you need to make a unique and stand out wreath is an old circular frame or wooden oval frame, three sets of fabric torn into long strips of red material, white material and blue material, and some white felt for cutting out stars. Simply tie your strips in any pattern you choose around your frame, knotting them together at the frame edge, leaving the ends loose. You can choose to do chunks of one color, or alternate them all. Hot glue on some white felt stars to add a special touch, and hang it on your door.

Display a flag in your home in a proper case. Flag display cases are a wonderful way to respectfully display our flag, especially if it has special significance to your family. They can be found at many framing stores and can be done in several different types of woods, metals and finishes. Although this holiday is indeed one of the best times to display a flag, it's a decoration you can leave up year round.

Make candles safe and stand out with mason jar candle holders. Taking ordinary mason jars that can be found at any craft store, place a long, thin candle in the center. Then use red, white and blue sand or filler stones to fill in the space in layers around your candle to make a patriotic addition to any table. These charming accents are perfect for a vacation home or outdoor celebration with friends.

Make an edible flag for a party. Several desserts that can be made to look like our beloved flag, but what if you need something like a photo op AND something that will feed a crowd? Using a large piece of rectangular wood, secure your red, white and blue treats in the shape of our flag. One of the best ideas for this is to use decorated donuts. They can be easily secured and will be quickly eaten. Be sure to get a picture of the family on this gorgeous backdrop before letting everyone dig in!

Make a bandana banner for the yard or porch. You’ll need several pieces of red, white and blue bandanas, in the traditional pattern or however you like. Cut eat one into equal sized triangle pieces, and secure them to a piece of twine using a hot glue gun, or sewing them. Alternate the colors on each banner, or make several of one color to criss-cross across the yard or porch. This simple craft can be done in an afternoon, and will add a big statement to your outdoor space for the holiday. 

25th Jun 2018

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