Five Ways to Spice Up a Plain Frame

Some frames are beautiful in their simplicity. Gold or silver frames or wooden oval frames used to display old black and white family photos serve their purpose by not detracting from their contents.

However, some frames just beg to be more ornate,so that they can be part of the artwork themselves. If you have a plain white frame within your home that you want to make into a colorful piece to match the brightness of the room, consider decorating it yourself with some of these helpful ideas.

Tape it up. Using a fun pattern in washi tape is a quick and easy way to turn a frame from unnoticeable to unforgettable. Pick anything from stripes to polka dots, or even a more fabric looking pattern like gingham or houndstooth. Cut your tape into four pieces the length of the sides of your frame, and press down firmly. Smooth it over with your fingers to remove air bubbles, and you’re done!

Take it to another dimension. If you want to create a look of depth within your frame, try first painting it a bright color, and then use sticky foam to create a pattern. Cut the foam into whatever you want like strips or circles, and create your three-dimensional layout after allowing the paint to first dry.

Bring in a natural element. Dried or artificial flowers make for great decorations throughout your home, and a plain frame is no exception. The best thing about this is it can be a frame you use throughout the year, or you can decorate several frames with different colors to add to your seasonal decor. Simply dry out your favorite flowers or buy them from a craft store and use a hot glue gun to attach them to your frame. They can be sparse in the corners or dense throughout. The choice is yours.

Contrast feminine with masculine elements. Sometimes the most stunning works of art are the ones that look like they don’t quite belong. Along with this idea, painting your frame a delicate color like a pastel and then adding metal elements like lugnuts, nails or bolts can bring this same contrast to your decor, and make for a very interesting piece.

Use everyday objects from your home that have no use anymore. If you are going to upcycle a frame, it can be even better if you use other items to upcycle as well. Anything can be cut to lay over a plain rectangular frame, such as an old belt, sweatshirt or even a piece of lace from your wedding gown or a special christening gown. Using these objects will add a touch of uniqueness to the frame, and a sense of sentimental value.

Hang your new colorful frames within some more demure options like black oval picture frames, or antique glass picture frames in order to make them really stand out. 

23rd Oct 2017

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