Five Ways to Use Picture Frame Wedding Gifts Not for Photos

With wedding season starting up, brides-to-be are full on in planning mode, including picking the band, the food and, of course, the registry gifts.

No matter how carefully you choose your preferred presents, however, there are always guests who go off the registry and try to give you something more personal. Often, these will include gorgeous picture frames. If you get several of these and don’t know exactly what to do with them, fear not. See below for some great ideas on how to use those frames for anything but pictures.

Hang them alone! Antique oval picture frames or vintage oval picture frames can be works of art in themselves. Hang them in an interesting geometric pattern on a gallery wall, or use string to hang them independently from a ceiling. You can even use these on the outdoors if you treat them with a wood sealant spray. Keep them all one shape for symmetry, or mix it up for a more shabby chic look. Be sure to keep them all one color scheme, however, such as all gold picture frames, all silver or all distressed white.

Make a small table. Replace the glass in an oval or circle frame with something sturdier such as clear plexiglass or wood. Then simply glue your frame to a pedestal to make a small end table that will be a unique piece in your living space.

Use those larger frames in the bedroom. If you are just starting out, you may not be able to afford matching furniture sets, or you may be combining your furniture. If you want a piece that’s all your own, use some of those larger rectangular frames to make a bed headboard. Paint them whatever color you like, and pair two together to make one large piece. You can paint the glass for a unique look, or keep it clear to make it seem modern and clean.

Make a cork trivet. Trivets are especially handy if you are enamored with that dining room table, and you want to protect it from burns and scars from hot plates or pans. To make a unique trivet, glue together leftover wine corks, and secure them within an oval frame or a rectangular frame. This can also be applied on a smaller scale for coasters, or a larger scale for a long hotboard to keep near the stove.

Use a rectangular shadow box to store bathroom supplies. f you were given the most useful of all frames, a shadowbox, you are in luck. These versatile frames can be used for just about any purpose, but one great way to take advantage of their depth is to use them as shelving in a smaller bathroom. If you have a powder room or a guest bath that just needs a few supplies, add some small shelves within the frame and hang it on your wall to keep soaps, toilet supplies and maybe a spare toothbrush or two.

25th Mar 2018

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