Floral Preservationists Preserve Bridal Bouquets in Shadow Boxes

If you are a floral preservationist, chances are brides regularly ask you about why they should use a professional service to preserve their bridal bouquet. To help you answer these questions, we have put together a brief question and answer guide.

Why should I have my bridal bouquet professionally preserved?

This momentous occasion should be marked for a lifetime. Floral preservationists can help do this by preserving a beautiful bouquet in a 5 inch deep shadow box. This priceless keepsake will highlight the exact flowers, beads and ribbons that commemorated the special day.

What are the steps in preserving bouquets?

There are many steps involved in preserving wedding bouquets. Among these include the following:

  • Deciding what flowers to choose for the bridal bouquet
  • Researching which floral blooms retain their colors the longest
  • Researching which flowers best hold their shape when preserved
  • Considering preservation options other than shadow boxes, such as bubble glass picture frames or convex glass

What is involved in booking a floral preservationist?

Services should be booked a month prior to the wedding and it takes approximately 16 hours of service per wedding bouquet to properly preserve the flowers. Keep flowers in a padded box or cooler and drop off with the preservationist the day of or after the wedding. This information is specified in the contract.

What options do I have?

Just remember that each custom preserved floral arrangement is unique. Preservationists can also create unique designs, such as floral monograms with double mat inlays, bouquet resemblances with invitations and initials, dried flowers with invitations and photos, floral clusters, framed wreaths of flowers and much more.

What types of methods are available?

There are many preservation methods available. Floral pressing is among the oldest and works well with flat picture frames. Air-drying removes the moisture from flowers, but also removes the shape and color. The most popular and professional method is three-dimensional floral preservation. This silica-based dehydration method is similar to freeze-drying. Properly preserved flowers last for generations!

Do preservationists do other events?

Yes, preservationists also preserve flowers for funerals, memorials, keepsakes, graduations and other events. They will also work with people on retirement events, including those for armed forces.

9th Nov 2015

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