Framing a Wedding Dress

After a bride’s big day, one of the next big decisions to make is to decide what to do with her beloved wedding dress. Some choose to sell it, and some choose to place it in an acid-free box and save it for a future daughter. However, many brides are now choosing to display their wedding dress in a large rectangular shadow box frame to enjoy in their happily ever after.

Framing a wedding dress is a straightforward process, which is relatively simple to follow. The first step is to find a preservationist who is experienced in keeping garments safe from discoloring and disrepair. A preservationist will ask for the dress to be professionally cleaned and pressed. Make sure stains are removed as well.

Then the preservationist will flatten the dress into a large shadow box frame. The frame can be whatever size the bride chooses, as some are displayed full length and some are folded into smaller arrangements. Mementos from the wedding day, like an invitation, a piece of jewelry or even a dried bouquet can be included. The dress will be treated with chemicals which will keep the dress’s color from yellowing. The glass will also help to protect the integrity of the garment.

Once the wedding dress is framed, it may find a home in the master bedroom, at the end of a long hallway, as a show-stopping centerpiece for a gallery wall or even inside of a luxurious master bedroom closet. The bride can always choose to remove it whenever she wants, but the preservation process will need to take place again afterward.

Preserving your wedding dress in a frame is a great way to also preserve all the happy memories that came along with it. From choosing it after months of shopping, to wearing it as you pledged your love to your groom, to dancing up a storm at the reception with all your friends and family, a dress is sure to become a treasured piece in your home. Taking care of this heirloom by choosing to display it is a delightful decision you will never regret. 

7th Aug 2017

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