Fresh Interior Decorating Ideas with Picture Frames

Picture frames make for great interior decorating tools. You can create striking and visually delightful rooms using ornate, vintage oval picture frames, simple black picture frames or shimmery silver picture frames. It really depends on what look the client would like to achieve but with some creativity and the right choice of picture frames, you can create fresh interiors that can spruce up your clients’ homes.

Wallpaper panels. Wallpaper with colorful and elaborate prints and patterns can be fascinating but overpowering, especially when you use it for all the walls. However, rather than covering the walls with the wallpaper, you can use oversized vintage picture frames to hold the wallpaper. You can do one or two panels per wall. The picture frame provides a wonderful delineation between the walls and the wallpaper, adding more texture to the display.

Empty frame display. You don’t need pictures or paintings to make a statement. You can make use of a number of empty picture frames to make a stunning gallery display. Take a number of antique oval frames, round frames and rectangular frames. These should not have the backing board and glazing – just the frames. You can either repaint the frames or process them to produce a distressed look, just make sure that the frames have the same look and texture, so that they do not look disorganized and cluttered. Hang these frames on one wall or along the staircase wall. You can also use a photo ledge/shelf to layer these empty frames, one atop the other. You can also incorporate other decorative elements such as wooden monogram letters and mirrors into the display. You can also go double by inserting a smaller sized empty frame into a bigger frame.

Framed fabric. For those on a budget, fabric can be used to add color and patterns to a wall without spending an arm and a leg. You can get a couple of yards of fabric with a distinctive pattern. Then, you can frame these as a series of “paintings”, complete with matting and glass. Display selected portions of the fabric using identical picture frames.

Framed music sheets. If your clients are music lovers, get a printout of the sheet music of their favorite song (minus the lyrics) and place this inside a picture frame. You can place this over the piano or on one of the walls of the family room.

Shadow frame display. Ask the clients for keepsakes and mementos that they would rather display than keep inside storage boxes. Use shadow box frames to mount three-dimensional objects of things that hold special sentimental value to your clients. This may be a collection of wine bottle corks (that commemorate special events in their lives), keys (to their first house or first car) or baby mementos (plaster mold of baby’s foot or hands or his christening clothes).

Decorative ladder. You can reclaim old wooden ladders and give a room an eclectic look. You can use a number of rectangular picture frames – corresponding to the number of empty spaces in between the rungs of the ladder. These frames should match the size of the spaces. Then, using some wire and hooks, you can hang the picture frames from the bottom of the wooden rungs.

TV frame. Provide a classic take to a modern appliance. Frame your flatscreen TV using an oversized empty frame. This can help tie in something that may not necessarily match the other decorative elements in the room. This way, you achieve a classic look while allowing your clients with their TV time when they are in the mood to simply sit down and relax with their favorite TV program.

15th Aug 2016

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