Get the Perfect Family Portrait with These Tips

With the end of a school year and the beginning of summer, fun family events are well on their way. Whether these events include graduations, BBQ parties in the backyard or trips to the beach, make this time together extra special with a beautiful family portrait. Though the process itself may seem a bit daunting, with these expert tips, you’ll be ready to capture the perfect photograph which will capture all these special memories of your family.

  • Position. This may seem like the most obvious advice, but if it’s not followed, the family photographs will be ruined. Make sure everyone in the family picture is positioned so that they are visible. The larger the group, the more complicated this can be, but once everyone is positioned well, photo taking can begin immediately.
  • Groupings. Have shots with the entire family together, yet take the time to photograph each individual separately. Couple pictures, sibling picture, father/daughter, mother/ son, grandmother/grandchildren pictures can be as equally important to the family as the one large group photo. Make a plan beforehand of which particular shots are essential.
  • Clothing. Wear clothes that are comfortable, yet clean and presentable. Don’t match clothing from person to person, but coordinate the colors and textures. Solids work best and do not wear clothing with characters or writing on it as it will distract from the faces in the picture. Try not be too seasonal with clothing or props if you plan to display the pictures in your home year-round.
  • Feelings. Genuine emotion is a power family element to capture on film. Laugh together. Be silly. Have shots where family members hug or look at one another. Try to keep the time spent photographing as positive and upbeat as possible, but if something unplanned happens, roll with it! Sometimes the unpredictability of the moment creates the most memorable pictures.
  • Setting. The location of the family pictures is key to the success. Portrait studios allow for more flexibility with weather, lighting and background elements. However, nothing beats the beauty of a beautiful outdoor spot. Try to shoot where the subjects are not backlit or staring into the sun. Try also to find a location that is not populated with people as this can distract the subjects and create a visual eyesore in the photographs.
  • Classic. Classic, styled poses where each family member looks at the camera and smiles is almost always the most preferred. Have family members stand close to one another, but don’t ask them to do anything which will make them uncomfortable.
  • Creative. Creative, candid shots can be some of the most treasured. Authentic moments of family interaction will create an expression which no pose can replace.
  • Printed. Family portraits are not done until the pictures are printed and framed. Classic gold oval picture frames or silver oval picture frames are the final touches to a perfect family portrait. 
10th Jun 2017

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