Going the Extra Mile for Art Clients

Yes, creating art is more about expressing oneself through one’s chosen media. It is making a statement through pieces that evoke retrospection and emotions. Artwork is created to stun, soothe and beautify. But as a budding artist, you should never ignore the business aspect of your craft. When you sell a piece, it is very good customer service to go the extra mile and install the artwork for your patron.

Of course, it isn’t all the time when the artist is able to personally install his masterpieces. In most cases, the gallery makes the sale and the client brings the artwork home. But this kind of post-sales service is a good practice if you are able to have the opportunity. For one, you get the satisfaction of seeing your creations’ new home. Also, this allows you to build a relationship with clients that can mean more sales for you.

So, how do you set up opportunities to install the artwork in your clients’ home or office? Here are some steps:

  • Set the appointment upon purchase. For you and the gallery sales team, make it a practice to ask the client if he would like you to install the artwork and to note down the needed information. Some clients would prefer to simply take the piece with him or have it delivered to his address, but others will appreciate if you provide this service. After all, who would like to worry about how to hang a vintage wood picture frame when there is someone who already has the expertise to do it? If the client is willing to set an appointment, note down any particular requirements or concerns the client may have with the installation (i.e. he already has an existing hanging system that will need a particular hanging mechanism for the picture frame).
  • Call to remind and reconfirm the appointment. If the installation is some days after you have made the sale, give the client a call to remind him of the appointment. It is also a good idea to give the client another call when you are about to leave your office/gallery to ensure that he is there for the appointment.
  • Bring your toolbox. Check that you have all the supplies and tools you need to hang the picture frame on the wall. This minimizes the possibility that you have to do another visit just because you forgot to bring a certain piece of equipment. Your toolbox should have, at the very least: a hammer, a set of screwdrivers (of different head types and sizes), a level, a portable, battery-operated drill, extra batteries or charged batteries, cotton gloves, hooks and pins, hanging wire, screws (both for drywall and concrete), hanging hooks and 2 pairs of pliers (1 needle nose and 1 regular pair). You can also bring some glue, rags and cleaning solution. You should also bring some identification (especially one that indicates that you are affiliated with the gallery) to ward off any concerns about the client’s security.
  • Perform the installation. Upon arrival, break the ice by introducing yourself and why you are there. Initiate conversation, making sure to give sincere compliments about him and his home. Check the proposed area where the piece will be hung. You can give suggestions but should ultimately follow the client’s requirements. Clarify all the requirements and preferences the client has. Carefully bring the piece in, making sure that you wear cotton gloves to prevent oils from your fingers to transfer to the artwork or its glass. Before you start boring any holes on the client’s wall, make careful measurements. When installing the hanging wire on the frame check that the hardware is firmly in place and will not give way. Once done, clean any resulting mess. Finally, personally express your thanks and appreciate about their purchase. 
30th Jan 2017

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