Gorgeous Spring Wreaths You Can Make With Your Oval Frames

After the dreary cold wind and gloomy weather that can come with winter, spring is a welcome change. The trees get full again with greenery, and colorful flowers begin to bloom all over the yard.

If you’re ready for spring, but the weather is still a bit chilly, one great way to bring a little color into your home is by creating your own spring wreath with items you may have in your house already. See below for some great ideas to bring the fresh air and warm weather into your life a little early.

Use a burlap wrap to cover imperfections first. Burlap is a great neutral color, and a very easy fabric to manipulate around both round or square objects. If you have an antique oval picture frame that has some wear and tear from over the years, don't bother repairing it. Simply use a burlap wrap to cover your wreath before adding your decorations. Brighten up the natural beige with large colorful blooms like peonies or hydrangeas.

Use tightly bunched ribbon ties instead of natural elements. Ribbon comes in a vast variety of colors, prints and fabrics. Pick a few (or many!) different colors and types from your local fabric store, and an old round wood frame you can part with for the craft. Cut the ribbons into equal pieces, and tie them in a center knot around the frame. Keep the edges sticking out on either side of your frame. Tie the knots closer together until your ribbon ties cover the entirety of your frame.

Use fabric and stuffing on a black oval picture frame to make a three-dimensional piece. If you have a thinner frame, but want something that will stand out more on you door, try using filler to fluff up the frame before covering it in your fabric of choice. After you’ve wrapped your frame and filler, add decor pieces such as twigs, flowers and tree nuts. Or, if you want to have something more themed, you can add seashells and beach items for a spring to summer look.

Use paper wrapped into cones for individual artificial petals. Dahlias are a beautiful, full flower that is easy to replicate with several squares of colorful paper. Just roll your paper into a cone shape, and attach the smaller end in a tight pattern around your wreath base. Have each layer of your circle be one color, but rotate colors in the same family for a bright, unique wreath.

Skip the outer flowers for inner flowers. If you have a vintage circular frame with convex glass that no longer holds an old photograph, put these beautiful pieces to use as spring decor. Take a small sprig of whatever flower is your favorite, or make a mixed arrangement, then frame it centered within your bubble glass. Although this piece may be better left indoors, it’s easy to hang anywhere by attaching a velvet ribbon for a vintage look. 

15th Feb 2018

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