How to Add a Subtle Midas Touch

With all of the bright colors that come with spring, gold is as hot as ever for the metal to mix with all of your new floral designs. However, too much can be a bit gaudy, so to avoid overdoing it on the gold accents, you’ll want just to add a few subtle pieces here and there.

See below for some great ideas on how to add the Midas touch to your decor this spring, and start feeling like you live like a king.

Start with your lighting. A gorgeous gold chandelier doesn’t have to be just for the dining room anymore. You can add a touch of glamour to any room you choose with a light-reflecting light. Choose one that is made of mostly glass if you want to light to shine off it, and make sure the arms on your piece are a stunning shiny gold.

Use gold on your table to add elegance. Laying a gold table runner will add just the right amount of the coveted metal color to your table, and go with most color schemes you may already have in place. Take advantage of this year’s hot design trend of geometric shapes by adding a clear vase or domed glass holder with some gold balls as filler for a centerpiece.

Add a few gold table lamps. The great thing about lamps is that they not only provide necessary lighting, but they can also be works of art themselves. Choose a lamp base that looks like a gorgeous golden intertwined tree, or perhaps an Egyptian inspired feline. Add a lampshade that compliments your furniture and wall colors to tie it all together.

Make a gold gallery wall in your main living space. Change out that hodgepodge of frames for an easy flowing set of gold oval frames that will look put together. If you prefer to mix your metals or colors, incorporate some silver into the pattern, or even black oval frames to really draw your eye to the gold without it being too overwhelming.

Use trendy brass fixtures. Change out those old silver or nickel fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen with a more modern, toned down brass. Brass is going to be seen everywhere this spring, but it’s not the shiny look of the 80’s you may have in mind. Today’s brass is understated and elegant and can be added everywhere from fixtures to cabinet hardware in the kitchen or bathroom.

Add subtle accents in the bedroom. Give those tired, dark curtains a break, and change them out for a bright shiny gold to freshen and brighten up the room for the warmer months. You can line them with darkening material that won’t take away from the color but will provide some shade for those late summer nights when the sun refuses to go to sleep. If you don’t want to change your curtains, consider adding some gold curtain rods or hooks to brighten up your look on a smaller scale.

6th Mar 2018

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