How to Add Magical Elements to your Wedding Decoration

Every wedding is special, and a lot of planning goes into reflecting the personality of the couple in every aspect of the decoration, menu and music.

If you are planning nuptials this spring, you may want to consider adding some whimsical elements to your decor to make your day even more magical. See below for some great unique ideas to get the fairytale wedding of which you’ve always dreamed.

Include a “magic mirror” in your photo booth. If you are one of the many couples taking advantage of a photo booth at your wedding, try adding a gorgeous large oval frame covered with a garland of flowers to hold up as a prop. You can even have a sign above it that states who the fairest couple is - the subjects of course! This idea is fun, romantic and easy to pull off with just a few flower garlands and your favorite antique oval frame.

Make domed glass centerpieces. If your budget doesn’t allow for a lot of flowers, a single rose within a domed glass covering can be an understated elegant touch on your tables at the reception. For a floating effect, use a small piece of craft foam to place your stem in, and then add some iridescent filler stones to cover the foam and show your flower as “floating” magically within the glass.

Use string lights to give your reception a firefly light. If you want softer lighting for the party, using strands of small, white string lights can add a magical garden effect to your night. You can also use natural elements such as artificial butterflies or even small fairy figurines if you want a genuinely fairyland effect. Not only are string lights an inexpensive alternative to other types of lighting, but you can arrange the lighting however you would like with ease.

Incorporate miniature carriages into your table settings. If you have numbered tables with a specific seating chart, consider using small miniature carriages as your number holders. These tiny gorgeous elements will remind everyone that you plan to ride off into the sunset, and live happily ever after. If you can’t find miniature carriages, try tiny white horses to get the same idea on a smaller scale.

Have your photographer use prop animals for your bridal portraits. Everyone knows that a true princess requires help getting ready for her big day, usually in the form of cute woodland creatures. If you have a pet bird that you would love to have in your photos, then by all means, include it, but if you want something a little easier, use some prop animals such as colorful bluebirds or squirrels to add that fairytale princess idea to your bridal portraits or even on the big day itself.

10th Mar 2018

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