How To Bring Natural Elements Into Your Decor

Fall is one of the most naturally beautiful times of the year for most places in the country. Rich colors, crisp weather and an opportunity to bring nature into your home and incorporate it into your decor.

So how can you be sure to make the inside of your home feel like an autumn oasis? By bringing in natural elements from the outdoors to add a splash of rustic, and inexpensive, charm. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll be basking in pumpkin, spice and everything nice.

Start small. If you already love your look, then adding a small addition here and there can be a subtle way to add a touch of the season. A small white branch from a fallen tree that you found in the yard will look very interesting sitting atop your fireplace mantle. Just be sure to keep it from becoming kindling and keep it up high. Or add a twig of red berries tucked behind the corners of your favorite antique wooden frames. Keeping a dried flower in a domed glass case can give a fairytale setting to your decor.

Change out some photos. Switch out some of those oval wooden picture framed photos for a lovely fall leaf display. Gather some of the rich colors from around the city, and lay them out however you choose on an eggshell backdrop to really make the colors stand out. You can lay them out neatly in rows, or layer them in a falling pattern. The choice is yours.

Pumpkins and gourds make easy centerpieces. If you want to do a five-minute fix, picking up a few pumpkins and other gourds from your local farmer’s market to place around your home is an incredibly easy DIY. If you don’t want to mess with the possibility of rotting, there are several tricks to preserving pumpkins, or you can always pick up a few faux ones from a craft store.

Hang small varieties of fruit from your lighting fixtures. Lady Apples are the perfect lightweight fall fruit to preserve and hang from your dining room chandelier. Pears are also a great choice and can be scattered along your table for everyday touches or for special harvest dinners. A cornucopia filled with your favorite fall fruits and berries is the epitome of what the season is all about - thankfulness for what we have.

Take a walk for supplies. Large, dramatic branches found within your backyard can make for a stunning display within a beautiful vase. You can hang anything from twinkle lights to small acorns from their outer edges to make a stark contrast to your everyday decorations.

Add some sparkle. If you want to add a touch of glamour that will carry on into the holidays, dipping pine cones in white paint, and covering them in a glitter will add a shimmer to your table when piled into a bowl. This craft can get messy, but the result is stunning, and it’s a quick craft for any age. 

1st Nov 2017

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