How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Piece

It may seem simple to choose a picture frame. They can’t all be that different from one another, right? The short answer is yes, they can. There are several points to consider when choosing the right picture frame for your favorite photographs or art pieces.

Is the piece vintage or modern? Where will it hang? How has it been displayed in the past? These are all valid questions that need to be asked when considering the display frame. Using these guidelines below will help you to determine just what frame you should use, and make the most of your conversation piece.

Choosing vintage or modern. If the artwork is an old photograph or a grand painting meant for the formal living area, you may want to consider a more vintage frame to go with the dating of the piece. These frames can be beautifully ornate, and made from several materials, although plaster is the most common. If you find a suitable frame that you like, but it needs repair, consider taking it to a frame expert. Vintage plaster can be hard to replicate.

Choosing a shape and size. There are as many frame shapes as there are geometric shapes in the world. The most common you will come across are rectangle, square or oval. If you have several framed artwork pieces already in the room, you’ll want to choose a frame that is suitable for the rest of the display. Stick with the same shapes and colors, and similar materials if possible.

Gold, silver, natural or painted? The frame you are choosing will become a piece of the work itself, so choosing the right metal and material will be important to the look you are trying to achieve. Silver and gold frames add a touch of modern elegance, while natural wood frames would look best in a rustic setting. If you are looking for color, a painted or decorated frame can be a great way to add subtle pops of brightness to the room.

Consider where it will be hanging. If you are decorating an area with frequent humidity, like a bathroom or kitchen, you may want to consider choosing a metal frame that is more resistant to warping with water damage like a wooden or plaster one may be. If the piece is going to be easily accessible to little hands, like in a playroom or a nursery, try more resilient frames that may not be too costly to replace.

Consider the art itself. If this is something more three dimensional, like a rare collector’s item that you will want to be seen, maybe go to a professional for something custom with lighting installed. You’ll also want to be sure to restore any photographs that need repair before framing them to ensure no further damage will occur. 

19th Oct 2017

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