How to Create a Silhouette Picture

Have you ever noticed those antique profile silhouettes that hang in older Victorian homes? They seem to add a touch of elegance to a gallery wall and capture the essence of the subject without revealing a ton of detail.

Though they may seem puzzling to achieve, it’s actually quite a simple process to create your own silhouette pictures in your home. With just a little patience and a few supplies, you will be hanging these precious pictures to treasure for years to come.

Create your profile photo. Have your subject stand against a plain background, such a light colored wall, and turn to the side to create a strong profile. For those with longer hair, a high ponytail is suggested in order to create the image of the hair instead of it just looking like an indistinguishable extension of the profile. Take several shots of the profile to ensure you capture a great profile with as much detail as possible.

Size your print to fit your frame. If you already have a vintage oval frame chosen for the project, make sure to size your print to fit within the frame with room for the mat background. The smaller the frame, the harder it is going to be to cut out the exact detail needed for the perfect profile. Be sure to leave room for a mat, as it is essential in a silhouette picture to stand out.

Print and cut out your profile picture and cut it to cardstock. Taking black cardstock found in most office supply stores, tape your print to the cardstock, and cut out the profile. One the picture is cut, remove the original print, and you will be left with a beautiful silhouette.

Trace and cut your mat for the frame. Place your oval wooden frame or round wooden frame onto the mat paper, and trace around the edges to size the mat background. Then cut the mat to fit your frame, and glue your silhouette profile onto the mat in the center. If you want a clean look, round the neck of the silhouette to fit the bottom of your oval frame.

Hang your new silhouette. If you have more than one subject that you have framed, consider having them face each other in hanging them, as if they are having a private conversation. For an added antique look, add a velvet ribbon to the frame to hang on the hook, instead of hanging the frame directly to the wall. 

28th Nov 2017

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