How to Hang Pictures Without Damaging Your Walls

One of the best ways to make a house feel like home is to personalize it with memories and pictures. Unfortunately, not everyone can hang things and risk damage to the walls. Luckily, there are many ways to work with damage free hanging!Adhesives. There are plenty of adhesives on the market to help you hang things. Tapes, hooks and tacks with sticky backs can make things easy! When using adhesives, make sure your wall is clean, smooth and dry. If you are looking to hang something that you …
26th Feb 2020

Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Home

Interior designers and art consultants see it all the time: people simply choose artwork to fill their home. Artwork is truly personal, something that forms a bond, a connection, with the person. To find the right artwork for your home takes patience, time and practice.Buy Artwork You Love – Instead of looking at artwork as though it’s the stock market, look for a piece that you truly fall in love with. It should speak to you and be something you enjoy looking at in your hom …
15th Feb 2016

Unusual Places to Hang Picture Frames

Interior designers understand the importance of individuality. Expressing style and spirit is important when decorating a home.Interior designs are embracing the latest, modern and eclectic trends, which include the following:Shower Glass – To achieve the illusion that artwork is hanging from the shower glass, simply suspend it from the ceiling using an invisible cord. The back of the frame can be covered with mold-proof pattered paper for an eye-catching detail that wi …
21st Dec 2015