How to Hang Round Wood Picture Frames

To help secure artwork, professional interior designers recommend the following tips.

  • Picture-hanging hooks are more durable and secure than screws or heavy nails. Most people tend to look at these hooks and think they are too lightweight, when in reality it is all about physics and weight displacement.
  • Purchase the right type of hook based on the artwork’s weight. A single picture hook holds under 30 pounds, a two-picture hook holds approximately 50 pounds and a three-picture hook holds approximately 75 to 100 pounds.
  • Experts recommend using two-picture hooks per one piece of artwork. This provides added security in the event of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake and helps artwork remain level and in place over time.
  • If possible, consider installing two D-rings rather than a standard picture frame wire. This provides stationary security instead of allowing the picture to sway on a wire over time.
  • Always use a ruler and level to make sure the hooks and D-rings are properly aligned. This helps prevent accidents.

When hanging artwork, there are key factors to take into consideration.

  • Hanging a picture is best accomplished with the help of a friend. It is easier to take a step back to see how artwork will look when someone else is holding the round picture frame. This also makes it easier to judge colors and proportions based on nearby design elements.
  • Experts recommend when hanging a single piece of artwork, the center of the round frame should be approximately 60 inches off the ground, placing it at eye level.
  • If hanging matching works of art, find the center point between them and use the aforementioned 60-inch rule.
  • To determine spacing between large photos, use two inches, and for smaller photos, use 1-1/2 inches.
  • When arranging multiple pieces, start in the middle and work outwards.

Most importantly, have fun when hanging circular frames. Frames are easy to re-hang and move. In fact, moving collections of pictures is therapeutic and can instantly give any home or office a fresh, contemporary facelift.

Stylish and easy to swap out, pictures help add character to spaces, defining people’s personalities and adding character to rooms. Picture frames are one of the easiest ways to add warmth, depth and texture to any room, drawing out unique characteristics in furniture, textiles, colors and old homes’ quirks.

Best of all, no one needs to be a professional decorator to hang artwork like a professional!


30th Oct 2015

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