How to Host Your Own Art Show

The time has finally come to where you have produced enough pieces of your own original art to host your own art show. Instead of waiting for an invitation from a local gallery, take matters into your own hands once again by hosting your own art show. What are the best ways to do this? The tips below will help you to continue on your artistic journey!

  1. Choose a setting. The setting will determine a lot about the tone of your show. You can choose to host your show in your home, in a restaurant, in the art department of your local college, or another available venue you feel would channel the mood and highlight the best features of your pieces.
  2. Choose a time. The later the show starts, the more formal it tends to be.
  3. Invite others. Invite any family and friends who have supported your artistic endeavors. Invite potential investors, local business owners, and other artists who inspire you. Think of this time as a celebration of your hard work. Be sure to make your invitation clear if the art show is an open house or will last for several days or nights. Overcrowding a room will obscure the view and damage the gathering’s atmosphere.
  4. Set the stage. Remove extra seating, as it tends to make people sit down, chat and disengage from the art. Serve beverages and refreshments. Consider asking a friend to help you with all the small details of hosting so that you will be free to visit, explain your pieces and answer any questions your guests may have. Play music low enough, so guests will be able to talk at reasonable volumes and keep a clear mind as they reflect on the artwork.
  5. Get your display ready. The more finished a piece is, the easier it will sell. Investors appreciate artwork which is already framed in beautiful vintage oval frames or round wooden frames. Using domed glass will give your artwork a vintage, classic look. Clearly display any prices for the pieces you aim to sell and set up a functional method for payment.

The hardest part was over the moment you finished your artwork. Now using these simple tips, you’ll find hosting your own art show a stress-free, fun process. 

18th Jun 2017

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