Ideas for An Impressive Holiday Party

The holidays are the best time to get together and celebrate the end of another great year with family and friends. Holiday parties are a staple among families, businesses and schools alike, so if you are hosting one this year, you may want to try to step up your hosting skills.

If you are looking for some unique ways to decorate and serve your guests this year, see below for some great ideas of how to use your everyday objects in your holiday party. It will be a celebration your guests will be talking about all year long.

Pick a theme. If you don’t know where to start, choosing a theme can be extremely helpful. Some unique ideas are themes centered around Charles Dickens, a White Christmas or a holiday in lights. Use these themes to generate the ideas for decor, your menu and drinks, and even games or gifts.

Create a specialty cocktail bar. If you are throwing a low key affair, having a do it yourself specialty cocktail bar will really impress your gifts. Be sure to create recipes for some holiday-themed drinks, and include how to mix them. Put your menu in a gorgeous antique oval frame for an old-fashioned look that would pair perfectly with a Dickens theme.

Use gingerbread houses under domed glass to pull double duty. Gingerbread houses are a charming tradition in many homes, and also a tasty addition to your dessert table. Have them pull double duty as part of your decoration first by placing them under domed glass display frames, and then unveil them at the end of the party for a special dessert before your guests head out for the evening.

Create floating candles with unused picture frames. If you have some gorgeous rectangle or antique round picture frames that are going unused in your home, turn them into lovely floating candles with just some sconces, some hot glue and some plain white or cream tall candles. This will add a lovely glow to your party while keeping flames away from tiny hands that may be running around, plus the effect is stunning year around as a wall decoration.

Use a shadow box frame to contain some cinnamon scented cheer. Shadow box frames can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so find one that best fits your theme such as a rectangular shadow box, a star or a house shape. Lay it on its side on a coffee table, and fill it with cinnamon scented pine cones that can be found at most grocery stores this time of year for a gorgeous centerpiece that pleases the eyes and the nose. 

19th Dec 2017

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