Incorporating a Creative Music Room

Exposing your children to music at an early age can have a large impact on many areas of their lives. Music has been shown to increase math skills, and increase test scores. Academics aside, learning to dance can help with early motor skills as well, plus it’s very cute to watch.

Having a music room in your home can help you to expose your kids to everything from classical to your favorite songs of your past. Follow these simple tips to make the perfect creative room in your home so you can start making beautiful music together.

Brighten it up. Using bright and exciting colors in your walls and decorations will engage your kids right from the start. The music room can be a brightly colored oasis away from the muted colors of the rest of the home. This can also get the creative juices flowing to inspire children to make their own songs and melodies. Add some three-dimensional elements with some bubble glass picture frames filled with bright colored objects that compliment the colors.

Include a variant of instruments. Guitars, pianos and drum sets are all great ways to teach the variants of sound, but not everyone has the means, the space or the patience to have these types of instruments in their homes. Luckily, several household items can be used to create the same effect, or even buying some smaller scale items can teach the same chimes. A small keyboard or xylophone can help expose them to the basic notes, and pots and pans make great makeshift drum sets.

Fill the walls with a musical education. Custom framed album covers, concert posters and sheets of music can not only serve as fitting decoration but also as great talking points for you to teach your children. Talk about the music you love, and why it’s special to you. Then ask them what type they like the best and why. Having these discussions will bond you together, and help start a dialogue about different people’s preferences. Frame pictures of musicians of the past in round wooden frames to talk about their significance.

Stifle the sound. If you want your kids to be able to really let out the creative music within, but don’t want to cause headaches throughout the house, try using soft furnishings to absorb some of the sounds. Carpet in the room or area rugs will help to get things down, but also consider keeping comfortable plush furniture around.

Make a stage. Having a performance space for your budding musicians is a great way to have them overcome fears and build confidence. Be sure to be their biggest fan and offer lots of praise, even if they have played the same song for the one-hundredth straight time! Take lots of pictures of the performances, and incorporate the prints in your decor as they grow. Having a wall display with wooden oval framed photos will show them how they’ve grown into amazing performers. 

10th Nov 2017

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