Increasing the Value of Your Photos with Picture Frames

As a professional photographer, one way of adding to the sales price of your photo is to have it professionally framed. Picture frames can serve to draw the eye to the photo and give a clear delineation between the piece and the wall. Also, the right choice of picture frame style and color, matting and glazing add to the visual impact of your photo. Meanwhile, a cheap frame can also make your photos look cheap and unappealing.

InLine Ovals provides you with a wide range of picture frame choices – styles, colors, shapes and sizes. And you can order this online at the convenience of your home. Indeed, a good quality frame does not have to be expensive, nor a hassle to accomplish.

Here are some tips to help improve the sales price of your pieces with the use of picture frames:

  • Provide your clients with value. It can be good to be known as a professional photographer who is committed to quality work and products. Get a frame not just for its design but also for its durability. The frame should be able to support the overall weight of the photo, the glazing and the rest of the picture frame elements. In addition, choose UV-protective glazing to minimize the effects of sun damage. Consider getting archival materials for the mounting board and adhesives – this minimizes the deterioration caused by acid damage.
  • Choose a complementary style. To help you select the style, ask the following questions: What message would you like the piece to communicate? What genre do your photographs center on? What is the general mood and style? Are these black and white portraits? Are these colorful landscapes? Do you like taking wedding and event photographs? Modern photos will fit better with contemporary frames while portraits show very well in oval antique picture frames.
  • Choose a complementary color. Of course, you need to consider getting a neutral colored frame, one that will complement not just the photo but also the wall that the piece will call “home.” As a general rule, dark-colored frames tend to give a receding perspective while light-colored ones work to draw the viewer closer to the work, drawing the eye to bold details in the photo.
  • Add matting, beveled edges and metallic linings. These are frames within the frame, adding more beauty to the overall look of the piece. When preparing photos for your gallery, it can help for you to add embellishments that show how the finished product will look like. When selecting a mat, consider the colors and textures and how these complement with the photograph. These colors should complement the dominant colors of the artwork. This means light photos need light mats while darker photos need darker mats. Also, remember that each layer will increase the overall dimensions of the frame. That is why you can also look at colored and beveled edges or metallic linings. These are thinner but still produce to the overall look of the piece.
  • Get the right hanging mechanism. As a photographer, you should have a set of framed photos that are for display. These should be ready for hanging in case you need to move it from your studio and have it shown in a gallery. This will also come in handy for your clients as it makes hanging the piece in their home a cinch for them.
20th Mar 2017

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