InLine Oval’s Frames are in Upscale Establishments

InLine Oval has a high-quality reputation in the frame business. As such, photographers, interior designers, floral preservationists and artists turn to them for custom designs throughout the United States and Canada.

Designers are always looking for unique shapes to highlight artwork, which includes round photo frames and oval picture frames. Interior design involves creating an aesthetically pleasing balance.

Upscale hotels and restaurants are always looking for designers to create a unique experience for guests that leaves them longing to return. This involves developing an experience that includes an ambiance that is inviting and simple, yet elegant. Wall hangings make up a significant portion of the atmosphere. Consider how a restaurant or hotel would feel without any wall hangings. It would look bleak, boring and have no character. Interior designers strategically place artwork to encourage conversions, enhance walls and provide visual focal points to certain areas.

Museums work with InLine Ovals, ordering custom-size frames. Museums have to protect their artwork from damage, which includes humidity, soil and heat. It is important to protect artwork from damaging UV rays, which can ultimately discolor art’s delicate colors, pigments and dyes. It is very important to have proper UV protection, as light passes through picture frames twice. The first time illuminates the artwork and the second time reflects from the artwork, which then reaches the viewers.

Art galleries that specialize in photography, generally always frame their pieces. In fact, some studies show that nearly 50-percent of the piece itself is in the framing. Framing is often overlooked in the world of fine art, but it really helps to refine the image and turn into something bold and captivating that captures the viewers’ attention.

Good, high quality fine art framing can be expensive, but InLine Ovals makes it affordable. They are not a chain store, but create custom size frames and work with artists and galleries to create designs that leave mind-blowing first impressions.

Frames can easily up sell artwork. In fact, galleries have done experiments trying to sell paintings or photographs without frames. They can sit for months without selling. When the gallery adds a custom frame to the artwork, the piece can sell for upwards of 600-percent over the original asking price. Additionally, artwork will generally sell within a matter of days or weeks instead of months, making this a very profitable investment.

The turnaround on framed art gallery pieces is significant, which is why many experienced gallery owners’ turn to InLine Ovals to help them create a custom design that enhances unique artwork.

24th May 2016

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