Interesting Places in the Home for a Picture Frame Display

When people are looking to create a gallery wall or display photographs in their homes, the first instinct is to find a blank wall that is begging for attention. If you are running low on these spaces in your home, or you just want to shake it up a bit, there are plenty of unique places to hang those treasured photos.

See below for some great tips on how to make an impressive display in your home with your photograph and art.

Frame a doorway with photos. Doorway spaces are notoriously unused but easy to spot when they are spiced up with colorful decorations. If you have some gorgeous round wooden picture frames or black oval picture frames that are perfect for hanging in a line, why not line the doorway of a bedroom or living area with a theme of photos? If you don't want to overwhelm the look, only hang your photos on each side of the frame, and connect the two with a similar colored decoration at the top, like a scrollwork.

Get a funky three dimension with a corner display. This way of displaying a photo is best for landscapes with the illusion of perspective, like a roadway photograph or a forest path. Take the photo you want to use, and make a print you are ok with cutting in half. Choose your frame, and cut it evenly in half as well, place each half of the photo within your cut frame. Hang each frame on opposite walls of a corner with the picture coming together in the middle. This will give the illusion of the path leading into another world, and be a very interesting conversation piece in your home.

Create a photo frame clock in the bedroom. A photo frame clock is gorgeous and functional, and a relatively easy project to pull off on your own. Just take your favorite series of pictures frames and hang them in a large circle pattern on your wall. You can choose from antique oval frames or plain rectangular frames, or even a mix of both. Luckily this design works for most shapes. You can then hang a functional clock in the center, or choose a large set of clock hands for looks alone. Either way, this display is sure to turn your bedroom into a cozy memory lane.

Upcycle old glass bottles for a brilliant bar display of photos. Spice up a home bar by placing photos inside clean, clear glass bottles. Wine bottles are a classic choice, and easy to collect. The domed glass of the natural shape of the bottle will magnify details of the photo uniquely, and protect the photo in the process. Add a cork to the top with some tied ribbon to add a pop of color, and you're done.

27th Jan 2018

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