Interior Decorating Ideas Using Display Cases

As an interior decorator, sometimes the challenge is to create a visually attractive display while giving glimpses of the clients’ personality and passions. The job is not only to take key pieces (the living room furniture, the carpeting, etc.) but also add small touches that comprise something that your clients will call as their home.

The good thing is that InLine Ovals provide you with the ability to display your clients’ prized mementos and heirlooms using display cases. These custom display cases are specially designed to hold and highlight specific items that are uniquely personal and priceless for your clients.

InLine Ovals has a wide selection of display cases for your needs:

  • Flag case. This is a triangular-shaped case that can hold the US flag that is folded in the traditional shape of the tri-cornered hat. This triangular flag is presented during a soldier’s funeral ceremony and is given to the soldier’s loved ones. The flag case is an excellent way to remember a soldier’s service to his country. With the flag case, you can prominently display the military burial flag on a place of honor – on the shelf, the living room side table, the mantel or bookshelf.
  • Plate frame. Rather than placing your client’s plate collection in a precarious place such as an open ledge, you can secure the plate while giving it its time to shine - right on the wall. The plate frame is fitted with a circular opening where you can position the plate. You can also use the plate clips provided to keep the plate from being jostled about. The case also comes with an ornate octagonal or round wood frame and velvet backing to maximize the plate’s visual impact. InLine Ovals has one and two-plate frame versions of this display case.
  • Glass dome. This is great for displaying small collectibles such as antique thimbles, watches or even souvenir items from your client’s holiday (i.e. pebbles and small pieces of driftwood collected during a trip to the beach). The glass dome comes with a round wood frame base and a glass dome (which can go for up to 12” in height). This gives the viewer a 360-degree view of the items inside. You also have the option to order specially made brass knobs and hooks, hanging wires, watch hooks and platforms. Place the dome on the coffee table, the side tables or on top of the piano.
  • Fan case. For avid antique fan collectors, the fan case is a great display solution. This is made of an antique wood frame molding shaped into a fan. This has a depth of 1.75”, as well as a molded fan-shaped dome. The case provides much-needed protection for delicate antique fans, keeping these fans in pristine condition and even helping ensure that that the fans keep or increase their value over time.
  • Jersey and pennant display case. For clients who are sports enthusiasts, a sports jersey display case is an excellent addition to the den or the family room. This case provides enough depth for the jersey and is made to follow the shape of the jersey of your choice (baseball, basketball or hockey). Pair this display case with a pennant display frame. This holds the cloth pennant secure so that you can display the whole thing without worrying about creases.
  • Shadow box frame. The rectangular shadow box frame provides sufficient depth for you to display other “thin” items that were not previously mentioned above. You can highlight prized keepsakes such as a wedding or baptismal dress, baby booties, antique jewelry, musical instruments or just about anything that is thin and light enough to be placed inside a shadow box frame. 
6th Mar 2017

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