Interior Decorating Ideas with Vintage Picture Frames

Vintage picture frames can prove to be a versatile interior-decorating tool. Depending on the kind of decorating style your customers prefer, you can incorporate an antique picture frame for a unique look, for added texture, color and a sense of artistry. These antique picture frames can also hold portraits and artwork that can serve as the focal element of a room.

Depending on how you style them, vintage picture frames can create a luxurious ambiance, exude a laidback atmosphere or provide a playful feel to a space. Here are a few of the popular interior decorating styles that can use the added visual impact of antique picture frames:

  • -Traditional. Match elegant French country or 18th-century English, King Louis XVI furniture with an antique picture frame in a muted gold or silver leaf finish. The picture frame can feature an antique portrait, complete with bubble glass. Complement this style with the use of solid colors, simple florals, stripes or plaids.
  • -Nautical or cottage décor. This style is about being light and breezy. Create a relaxing atmosphere that reminds one of a vacation cottage at the Hamptons or New England. Using colors such as blue, white and buff/sand, you can combine unfinished wood furniture, linen upholstery and nautical-inspired décor with a distressed antique picture frame. The distressed finish in the picture frame matches the overall look of this design style while the elaborate wood moldings of the frame add a touch of nostalgia.
  • -Bohemian. This style is about an adventurous, carefree lifestyle. Create an avant-garde environment, where there is a purposefully “messy” vibe. This involves the use of bright colors, bold patterns and various textures (combination and contrast of animal hide, metal, wood and textile). Vintage picture frames can fit very well with a wall gallery display that features an eclectic collection of picture frames in various styles.
  • -Hollywood Regency. Go unapologetic and over-the-top with glitz and glamour. This style features the use of velvet textiles, bold patterns, lacquered surfaces and metallic filigree. Popular colors include red, purple and turquoise. You can incorporate a lot of mirrors framed with oversized antique picture frames in gold, shiny black or silver finish.
  • -Shabby Chic. First coined by Rachel Ashwell, the shabby chic style aims to exude a relaxed vibe that is both soft and airy. Shabby chic involves the use of pastel or light color palettes, distressed wood, floral prints and painted motifs. An antique picture frame with a white or a distressed finish can be an excellent decorative element to this kind of look.
  • -Rustic. Natural inspiration and design elements dominate this look: exposed wood beams, wood and stone accessories and handcrafted materials. You can use furniture in their natural finish and match these on the walls by using antique picture frames in their natural wood finish.

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25th Jul 2016

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