Interior Designers Offer Tips for Choosing Artwork

Whether you have found the perfect round picture frame or unique bubble glass frame, homeowners need to start at the beginning and select the ideal artwork for their homes.

Interior designers feature helpful tips for choosing a wide variety of artwork, prints and pictures to give homes a lived-in vibe.

  • Scale – Always consider the size of artwork, as scale can make or break a room. Standard artwork measurements are between 11 to 47 inches.
  • Instinct – Homeowners should trust their instincts when purchasing artwork, prints or photographs. If a piece of work appeals to their personal senses and generates emotions, it is definitely speaking to the heart.
  • Originals – Many original paintings are available online. Buyers just need to make sure they are from a reputable source and include verification of authenticity.
  • Black and White – An all time classic, black and white artwork works in any room of the home. It is the ultimate design that captures attention and gains guests’ interests.
  • Street Art – Becoming more popular worldwide, people can find out their favorite street artists, contact them and commission paintings. Be aware that some of these designs can sell upwards of $1,000.
  • Mixing Contemporary and Antique – A great way to appreciate antiques and contemporary designs is to mix and match them. Combining traditional and modern styles is a great way for today’s generation to celebrate both old and new.
  • Social Media – For people on tight art budgets, new artists are advertising on Etsy and social media sites, such a Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Among new artistic styles, include geometric works and colorful modern prints. Some of these artists are willing to do commission paintings for reasonable prices, which also make them affordable gifts.
  • Go Bold, Keep It Minimal – If homeowners go with an overly bold piece of artwork, it may be best to keep furniture minimal. This allows the artwork to shine, giving it a wow factor. Bold art should never compete for attention with other items in the room, as it completely defeats the purpose of owning an amazing centerpiece.
  • Taste – Artwork is about forging a reaction and connection with a painting. There is no right or wrong connection. It is about discovery.
  • Education – To help build an art collection, collectors should educate themselves about different art techniques. This includes reading magazines, art books, understanding the differences between limited editions, originals and reproductions, etc.

Once homeowners have artwork to frame, there are a plethora of different styles and types of picture frames. Interior designs can help recommend picture frames that blend well with paintings and home decor. Whether paintings require delicate antique round picture frames, contemporary black oval picture frames or nature-style oval wood picture frames, the frame must reflect the intent and meaning behind the picture.


30th Nov 2015

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