New and Creative Ways to Use Family Photos in Your Wedding

Current trends for weddings include personalizing the event for the bride and groom through using family photos in their wedding reception. It’s not only very meaningful way for the couple to highlight their individual families and pasts, but a touching technique to convey the love for the new family they are creating together. Photographs add both warm and style to any venue, while helping guests to feel connected to the couple.

Here are some great ways to display family photos in a wedding-

  • Wedding Bouquet Charms. Use oval antique picture frames to make charms which dangle from ribbons on the bride’s wedding bouquet. The pictures inside of the antique oval frames are often of deceased loved ones or the bride’s childhood pictures. One bride used photographs of both of her grandmothers on their wedding days. This is a fabulous way to include family members who cannot attend the ceremony physically, but are very much a part of the big day emotionally.
  • Family Photo Aisle Markers. Use black oval picture frames to display black and white family photos to mark each individual aisle at the venue site. The black and white photography adds a monochromatic look which ties the photographs together and does not interfere with the wedding’s color scheme. It also gives the guests another interesting feature to admire as they wait for the ceremony to begin.
  • Family Photo Tree. Take bare tree branches and hang picture frames on them. Use ribbons and wooden frames which will match the wedding’s color scheme. The Family Photo Tree is great to display at a guest book table. They can also be used as centerpieces on the guest tables during the reception.
  • Photo Boutonniere and Cuff Links. These are excellent and unique gifts for the groom and groomsmen. The pictures can highlight the friendships and memories made together or remember a loved one who is not able to attend.
  • Family Photo Memory Wall. Use a blank wall as your canvas and cover it with family photos. Use bubble glass picture frames to add visual interest and add a vintage appeal. These family memory walls are particularly useful during a cocktail hour. Guests may take the time to peruse the wall and strike up conversations with one another.
  • Family Photo Garlands. Use twine and clothespins to display vintage family photos through the venue site. This is an easy and meaningful way to fill up blank spaces within the venue site, particularly around windows and tables.
  • Family Photo Chair Signs. Display childhood photos of the bride and groom and wedding party with large oval frames hung over the back of the table of honor’s chairs. These chair signs are an original method to signify the wedding’s most important guests.
  • Family Photo Table Decorations. Incorporate family photos into the centerpieces of each table with vintage frames. Nestle them against luxurious floral displays for ultimate impact.
  • Family Photo Booth. Create a photo booth for the guests to take pictures. Add elegant armchairs or a cute vintage couch. Place family photos on the wall in the background using antique glass picture frames. This section of a wedding venue will be particularly popular as guests enjoy preserving memories together.
  • Family Photo Wedding Favors. Include a picture of the new couple as part of a gift for wedding guests. These pictures can be inside of bubble glass picture frames guests can reuse with their own family photos.
  • Family Photo Thank You Cards. A bride and groom send photographs of their new family inside of a thank you card. The card may also include any photos of the guests that were taken during the wedding ceremony or reception. Guests will feel valued and appreciated as they remember the wedding together. 
13th May 2017

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