Pet Photography Tips and Tricks

One of the most beloved members of the family can often be the most overlooked when it comes to professional portraits. Preserve the memories of your treasured pets with photographs you will treasure for a lifetime. Here are some helpful tips to make your photography session a success.

  • Be Patient. A big reason why animals aren’t shot professionally is because it takes a very patient photographer. The right pose, the right angle, the right look will not happen on command when dealing with a four-legged model. Waiting will be the name of the game because patience will produce the most authentic, beautifully done work.
  • Use an Ordinary Setting. It’s important for the animals to feel comfortable around the photographer. The best way to help your pet is to provide as ordinary a setting as possible, whether it be your home or a familiar park. It’s easy for the animal to be overwhelmed with photography equipment and a new person in their space, so put them at ease with a calm environment.
  • Be Flexible. Be prepared to hang loose, both literally and figuratively. Your pet may decide to wander to a certain area away from the desired setting, or he may suddenly decide to be shy and only be able to be coaxed out with a treat. You will probably have to get on the ground with your pet to help the photographer and work with your furry companion. Be prepared to use those downward dog yoga positions as you twist and turn to find the perfect shot.
  • Use Natural Light. The natural light outside or near a big, sunny window will eliminate the need for flash which causes the dreaded red-eye look. It will also capture the distinct colors and marks on your pet.
  • Play. The best shots happen when your pet is relaxed and happy. Pull out a few of their favorite toys or a Frisbee or two to capture some gorgeous action shots.
  • Reward. Keep treats nearby to persuade your animal into cooperation. Try holding a tasty morsel over the camera lens to capture your pet’s entire face.
  • Get in the Picture. Be sure to include yourself and/or your entire family in a few photos. These will create a lasting treasure of what life was like with your furry best friend.
  • Frame Your Portraits. As soon as your portraits are ready, print them. Hang them in oval picture frames in your family room or mount them in vintage bubble glass frames for a special gift. 
9th Jul 2017

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