Picture Frames and Shadow Box Frames as Christmas Gifts

It’s only several days before Christmas! Photographers can make the most of the holiday excitement and gift-giving frenzy by providing personalized gift suggestions that incorporate picture frames and shadow box frames. Here are some ideas:

  • Walk down memory lane. Instead of the standard portrait shot and framing, you can offer a nostalgic look. Take portraits in black and white or sepia tones, frame it using an antique oval picture frame and cap this with bubble glass. This classic way of framing harks back to the 1960s, when bubble glass was all the rage. This can make a great gift that an individual or a couple can give to parents this holiday season.
  • Weekly planner. Collaborate with the clients to help them create a one-of-a-kind planner as a Christmas gift. The planner is composed of a printed out weekly calendar that incorporates the recipient’s photo, some quotations or personal goals. The recipient can write down his weekly plans and schedules on the glazing, using whiteboard marker. The writing can be easily erased using a piece of cloth, making it ready for next week’s schedule. You can also suggest to clients to throw in different colors of whiteboard markers to add to the fun. This makes the perfect gift for someone who is always on the go and who needs to keep track of deadlines and appointments.
  • Wedding keepsake shadow box. Clients can give their spouse the gift of memories by giving a keepsake shadow box that reminds him or her of their wedding day. The shadow box can contain their wedding portrait or a favorite candid shot during the ceremony or reception, coupled by wedding mementos. These keepsakes can include the wedding favors, invitations, the jewelry worn by the bride and/or groom (i.e. tiara or other headdress).
  • Showcase the glory days. Clients can also celebrate a friend or a loved one’s achievements by combining photos with awards or accessories. For instance, he can commemorate a child’s victories by having the medals or achievement certificate framed with the child’s picture. Using the shadow box, you can suggest the use of matting boards to provide “windows” or mini-frames for the medals. The medals will be stitched and securely fastened onto the mounting board, which makes this display easily reversible in case you need to take out the medals.
  • Fun and personalized board game. Why don’t loved ones and friends become involved in a chess lover’s game? For those who love the strategy and wit needed to play chess, clients can give a personalized chess game. Here, the pieces can be made to represent various loved ones. Surely, those who are in the game will get a kick out of their playing the “king”, “queen” or knight in the game with their photographs incorporated into the pieces! All you need is to get an oversized rectangular frame. You can then paint the 8 x 8 grid onto the mounting board.

These are just some of the gift ideas you can share to clients as your way of simplifying their Christmas shopping list. The great thing about these gift ideas is that they are very versatile. Except for the first gift idea (which almost always calls for a vintage picture frame), the rest can be personalized so that the picture frame design can use antique or modern picture frames. InLine Ovals also offers picture frames in a wide range of styles, colors and finished.

28th Nov 2016

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