Places and Spaces for Mirrors

Mirrors are both decorative and functional. They provide a way for one to check out his appearance but also provide brightness to a room, as well as a sense of depth and dimension. Mirrors can be placed in a number of areas in the home, where they can imbue the space with warmth and style.

Here are some areas where you can place framed mirrors:

The bedroom. Although a lot of designers and feng shui experts prefer to keep bedrooms mirror-free, you can actually place framed round mirrors at the base of your lampshades. This reflects the light from the lamps out and spreads it out, making the room feel cozier, warmer. You can also place a large mirror (or two or three square mirrors) above the headboard for a stylish and modern vibe. Another option is to embellish your drawers or bedside tables with mirrored tiles to brighten up the room. The no-no is to place a mirror right across the bed, where you will be greeted by your unkempt, just-woke-up self every morning – not a pretty sight.

The living room. There are a lot of creative ways to place mirrors in the living room. One decorative option is to place a mirror on the wall that can effectively reflect the outdoors. This way, you are bringing your beautiful garden into the house. Another option is to place a series of framed round mirrors in various sizes right above the living room sofa. This instantly brightens up the room. Yet another option is to lean an oversized mirror on the wall to add an illusion of spaciousness to the room. You can also place an oversized rectangular mirror behind a console table. This can instantly multiple your space, since the placement of the mirror does not look like it was simply crammed into the space.

The foyer or entryway. Add a warm welcome to the front hall by placing a framed mirror above a console table. Add some flowers or plants, personal elements such as favorite figurines. For a classic look, choose a framed mirror that features intricately carved ornamentations in gold or silver gilt finish. For a more modern look, use a slim, long mirror with a slim white frame. This works great for a cramped and dark hallway, since mirrors can minimize the unsightly effects of a lack of natural light and a narrow space.

The home office. If you would like to exude a more business-like feel to your home office, go for square or rectangular mirrors in simple black frames. Place these in your designated “waiting areas,” such as above a bookshelf. For a more relaxed atmosphere, add a mirror at the front of your office table, if your table is facing the wall. This automatically allows your office table to double as a vanity table as needed.

The dining room. Feng shui experts believe that a mirror at the dining area invites wealth and fortune to the home. Framed mirrors, especially embellished and ornate ones, can provide an instant upgrade in the room, resulting in a cozy and relaxed dining area. This can especially work very well if you have a statement lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier.

The kitchen. Mirrors in the kitchen are fairly uncommon. However, you can still incorporate mirrors to enlarge an otherwise smaller kitchen. For instance, if you no have a window over the kitchen, add a framed mirror to bring in more light, without having to wreak the wall in front of your sink. You can use mirrors to make a fabulous back wash. This can be done using one large mirror, a set of mirror tiles or a set of framed square mirrors.

The bathroom. Of course, you cannot miss out on the bathroom. Each bathroom deserves a well-selected mirror. If you want to veer away from beveled mirrors or mirrors held by metal or plastic clips, you could incorporate framed mirrors. If you have double sink washrooms, you can create a high style look by having a mirror each right above the sink. 

6th Feb 2017

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