Professional Picture Framing Tips Part 1 of 2

Retail stores offer several framing tips that make homes look professional. Additionally, these tips are excellent for wedding photographers and interior designers.

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once – After measuring artwork or photos, matting board borders and mat offset, consider asking someone else to measure too. Without showing them the measurements, if they come up with the same measurements, the numbers are likely correct. If not, measure again.
  • Always Subtract for the Mat Offset – A mat offset means that the mat window is cut just slightly smaller than the framed artwork. This allows the mat to fit over the artwork without showing any edges. Most framers use 1/8” to ¼” on each side from a mat offset.
  • Nailing Into Drywall – Place a piece of cellulose or blue tape over a nail before nailing it into the drywall. This will help reduce chipping and make it easier to fill drywall holes.
  • Assembling a Frame – Always use a bed sheet when assembling a frame. This will help protect the frame from scratches. Towels contain damaging particles that contaminate the interior of the frame.
  • Finding the Center of the Frame – To find the center of the frame, pivot the top of the frame on a pencil. Next, find the frame’s center and attach the hanging hardware.
  • Write It Out – When purchasing frames online, write down the artwork or photograph measurements. This helps reduce the possibility of making mistakes and ordering the wrong size of frame.
  • Order Mat Samples – To ensure that the mat color is perfect, order several different samples, as swatches can vary according to computer monitors display colors.
  • Hanging Tape – When adhering artwork to a mounting board, use a frame-quality tape. It is important to use acid-free materials to reduce the chances of accidental damage to the artwork.
  • Tips for Cleaning Acrylic – Never clean acrylic with Windex, as it scratches easily. Always use a terry cloth or a cloth made with synthetic fibers. If acrylic needs cleaning, use warm water with a small amount of dish soap.
  • Simple Matting – Never overwhelm the artwork. Use a simple black oval frame or round picture frame with a neutral-tone mat. Keep things simple to display the centerpiece, which is the artwork.
  • Reversibility – Professional archivists understand the rule that anything done to the artwork should be able to be undone in case anything goes array.
  • Wedding Presents – Giving newlyweds classic wood oval picture frames or timeless rectangular shadow box frames are superb gifts, as they generally want to frame a number of their favorite wedding photos and memories.
  • Office – Bringing artwork to the office instantly dresses up cubicles or offices. Select a custom mat color, which adds a personal touch to any traditional office space.
  • Hanging Gear – Wire is available in many different thicknesses. Additionally, remember that when using two wires, the total load per wire is reduced by half.
28th Mar 2016

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