Retail Stores: Why Framed Pictures Make Excellent Gifts

Holidays are just around the corner and nothing makes a better gift for loved ones or friends than a framed picture.

As people rush to purchase gifts and make their own creations, one of the all-time most appreciated and memorable presents are framed family photos, pet photographs, paintings and much more. The options are nearly limitless.

During this time of year, retail craft stores should carry a surplus of large oval frames, round photo frames, round wooden frames, antique glass picture frames and even rectangular shadow boxes.

Do-it-yourself crafters can easily frame picture or paintings themselves. Picture framing adds character to room decor, allowing gift recipients to display treasured memorabilia as part of their everyday lives.

Framed images can celebrate special events, express personal interests, define home design and color schemes or simply highlight favorite hobbies.

Framing complements the photograph or piece of art. Avoid beginner-style mistakes by not overdoing the frame. Framing should be simple and look professional. The aesthetics of framing include several key categories: style, color, matting and the proportion of the frame. Understanding these key elements will set apart “homemade” craft projects from professional style presentations.

Conservation framing is used to preserve treasured family photographs or fine art. This involves protecting the art to help prevent any damage. To properly conserve these pieces, all materials must be clean, stable and acid-free. Any materials that are exposed to photographs or art must be reversible and not cause any damage. Conservation materials are available at many art supply or craft stores.

To choose mat colors, there are three general criteria.

  1. Select colors, subject matter or textures from the art or photograph’s background.
  2. The background should coordinate with the surroundings.
  3. Select personal color choices.

Retail stores stand to attract more customers this holiday season by offering picture frames. These are ideal for customers looking to complete perfect gifts for friends and family. Whether it is an exclusive edition poster, an old marriage photo of parents or simply a family reunion photo from this past summer, memories last a lifetime and are the ideal present to share over the holidays.

16th Dec 2015

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