Rustic Decor for Your Cabin Vacation Home

Summer temperatures make for the perfect weather for sleeping under the stars, and cozy nights by the campfire, but if you are more of the indoorsy type when enjoying the woods, then a vacation cabin may be perfect for you.

If you are investing in a home away from home deep in the beauty of nature, then you may be wondering how to decorate such a place that doesn’t remove from its charm but keeps with your sense of style. See below for some great ideas for rustic decor to make your cabin home feel more like home.

Use natural materials and avoid too much metal. Oval wood picture frames or round wooden frames are a great addition to any rustic room. Match the wood to the surround area’s population, and fill the frames with photos of fishing trips, local nature hike sights or paintings of the gorgeous trees. If you want to use metal, stick with gold or copper tones to match with the colors of the rich wood of the cabin.

Frame the local wildlife. Pressed flowers from a nearby field or forest can look gorgeous framed, and add a much-needed pop of color to bland walls. If you are into taxidermy, hunt the local flea markets or antique shops for premade wildlife that you can mount high on the walls. Add a framed fact about the animal to impress guests if you are planning to rent your cabin out during the year.

Get creative with your furniture. Instead of buying all new modern furniture that will look out of place, repurpose more old-fashioned items to be handy and decorative. A large barrel makes for a great end table, and a wagon wheel set with glass will look charming as the center coffee table. Use benches instead of individual chairs in the dining area, and you’ll create a sense of closeness during meal times.

Take the old-fashioned theme further with a modern twist in lighting. For your light fixtures, try using lanterns that hang from the ceiling, with decorative Edison bulbs that will look old, but function as needed for the modern world. You can also use natural elements to make a gorgeous main chandelier using deer antlers or local tree branches. If you do need more modern lighting or want some stand-alone lamps, look for bases that are wood-based and use animal or flower carvings.

Keep your furniture in muted colors. Don’t choose anything too bright or bold that will give the space too much of a modern vibe. Neutral earth tones are a much better way to go when trying to keep with a rustic theme. Keep everything as comfortable as possible, and it’s always a good idea to make one of the sofas a convertible couch that offers a separate sleeping area for guests.

9th May 2018

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