Selecting Frames for Portraits

Art consultants specialize in selecting the right frames from portraits. Art is simply unfinished until it is framed, which is why choosing the perfect large oval frame is critical to helping make the right statement.

Frames depend on the artwork. Modern art highlights simple, clean frames, while styles that are more ornate look best with traditional designs. However, professional art consultants can sometimes match modern art and traditional frames for a dynamic, powerful appearance.

The size of the frames should not underpower or overpower the artwork. A large frame can make a superb statement, especially when coupled with several small pieces of artwork. Art consultants also promote using a frame and small mat. In most cases, intuition is the best form of interior design. Generally, the mat and frame should not be the same width, as this gives artwork an uneven appearance. Eye-catching impressions give a symmetrical look that is bound to turn heads.

Frames do not need to precisely match the color of the artwork. In fact, complimentary colors work best. Whimsical artwork looks delightful when using unexpected circular picture frames that highlight a mirage of colors. Fun colors are boisterous, outlandish and make a delightful focal point for any room.

It is also important to consider where the portrait is going in the house.

Some rooms have a singular style that dominates, so most frames should accommodate these styles well. Ornate frames blend well with modern rooms and can create an eclectic feel that is charming, unique and easily blends with several styles.

It is important to always consider a room’s use before selecting the right round photo frame. A frame for a living room area might be different from a frame for a man cave or bar. The room’s level of sophistication is taken into account when selecting a photo frame.

The color of the wall and the room’s architectural detail need to blend with the art, room and decor surrounding it.

Artwork placed in groups looks sublime when framed in a consistent pattern. For a single work of art, setting off the artwork looks especially classy when paired with a traditional frame.


29th Feb 2016

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