Selecting the Perfect Photographer for Your Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are a once in a lifetime experience in your graduate’s life. These photos are usually taken in the months leading to graduation and are a fun, unique way to express your teenager’s achievements and personality. The most crucial decision in making these senior portraits is to find the right photographer for your needs. Here are some tips and tricks from professional photographers to ensure these essential photographs are captured attractively. 

Reputation. Ask around! See who your friends are using. Ask teachers and school counselors who are the most popular portrait professionals in the area. Check online for reviews. The more informed you are of who to choose, the better your chances of choosing the right one.

Credentials. Look for the photographer’s website and see what certifications and experience they have. Using a photographer without any training or formal education is not always necessary, but it is definitely risky. Senior portraits are important, so make sure you are placing your trust in the right person.

Style. This is a huge deciding factor! Gone are the days of the traditional black drape headshot or the posed studio portrait. Photographers are going big with locations, props and personality. Find examples of pictures you would like to have and compare them with the pictures the photographers creates. The best art occurs when the photographer and their client understand exactly what they desire.

Budget. Senior portraits run anywhere from $250- $1000. The price may be steeper than what you are expecting to pay, but remember the price not only includes the actual photography session but the hours spent editing and perfecting the final photos. As is the case with many professional products, you most definitely get what you pay for. Go ahead and decide on a final budget for your senior pictures and work within it accordingly.

Final Products. Many photographers may choose to sell images digitally, but the best photographers know an image is not finished until it is printed and framed. You’ll highly appreciate the work your professional photographer took in choosing just the right frame for your senior pictures. Your photographs will come alive in a black oval picture frame or a bubble glass frame. 

5th Jun 2017

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