Setting Up a Wedding Photo Booth for Your Clients

Going on a wedding photography gig? One service you can offer clients is a well-planned and fanciful photo booth where they and their guests can have fun and bring home gorgeous photos. With some creativity, you can offer your photo booth as part of your package at an affordable price.

To set up an unforgettable wedding photo booth, you will need:

  • Camera equipment. You don’t need a fancy camera for your photo booth – a basic digital camera on a tripod will do. However, you will need a remote shutter release if you want people to be able to pose and shoot at will. You should also have your camera connected via wire or Bluetooth to a computer and printer so that you can immediately produce printouts for the guests. There are photo booth programs that automatically arranges the photos based on a pre-selected layout.
  • Backdrop. At the very least, you will need some printed fabric or curtains and a stand by which you can put up your backdrop. However, you can put in the extra effort to provide a beautiful backdrop for your clients. The ideal size is 6 by 4 feet, which makes it easy and adaptable to most camera formats. You can use paper flowers, cardboard cutouts, hanging décor and decorative items that are easily found in most craft shops. For instance, you can get a plain solid color wall or wooden board, paste some sequins in a linear or chevron pattern and viola! You have yourself a photo booth backdrop.
  • Lighting. You will not be producing great shots if you have poor lighting. You can either use the flash that comes with your camera or better yet, make use of a photography umbrella and spotlight. You can also DIY your lighting using light bulbs with a 5000K to 6500K color temperature.
  • Props. What’s a photo booth without the props? This is where your clients’ guests can let their hair down and enjoy themselves by making ridiculous poses in over-the-top props. You can incorporate colored wigs, fancy hats, glamorous (but easy to wear) necklaces and other kitschy items. You can also DIY props such as fake mustaches, thought bubbles and quotes (such as “Mr. and Mrs.”, “I do, I do!”, “They did it!” or “Happily ever after!”). This is where picture frames will also come in handy. Take a number of empty antique gold oval frames or other round wood frames that guests can hold and pose behind. You can also get an empty vintage picture frame, paint on chalkboard paint to the mounting board and supply the booth with chalk. The guests will then be able to write their own messages and quotes. When choosing props, choose ones that do not involve a lot of mess and fuss (such as feather boas).
  • The right location. Take a look at the reception venue and select a spacious area that is away from the flow of traffic but is still accessible. The location should be setup in a way that people will not step on or trip on the wires and connections you need. The ideal space should accommodate the size of your backdrop, as well as sufficient space between the camera and the guests.
1st Aug 2016

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