Spring Flower Trends for 2018

Floral arrangements, much like fashion each year, can have different designs that are considered trendy for the season. Craft makers, glass artists and florists work hard to make unique arrangements to showcase their best blooms each season.

If you are looking to see what’s going to be in for spring 2018, see below for great ideas on how to display your gorgeous spring blooms.

Geometric shapes are in. Shaped natural elements, especially circles, are going to be seen everywhere this spring. Use this in your floral decor by incorporating bright, sunny blooms in a wrapped green circle frame wreath or use vines wrapped around a foam ball to create a three-dimensional piece for a shelf. You can even use cones to cover with metallic leaves for a sharp contrast to the soft colors of the flowers for an easy centerpiece.

Framed wall flowers. Using several of your favorite blooms, create a work of art for indoors or outdoors by lining them within your favorite oval frame or circle frame. Use artificial flowers if you want the design to last all season, and treat your frame if you are planning to hang it outdoors on the porch, patio or garden.

Escape to the Mediterranean. Greek-inspired vases made from gorgeous clay and covered in shiny metallic paints look amazing filled with a bright spring bloom such as the sunflower. Pair it with sea blue accents, and a natural palette of browns, greens and tans to make it feel like you are vacationing for the entire season.

For the younger crowd, get a little folksy. Seeing bright colors in glass vases and other floral holders are going to be seen in a lot of folk-inspired designs. Bright oranges, greens, blues and deep purple stained glass goes well with more muted colored flowers. You can also add some outdoor elements such as butterflies or ladybugs to make it more whimsical.

For brides this spring, the big trend will be to go freeing, traditional and pure. Using white roses, hydrangeas and orchids, keep things simple with a cascading bouquet that also incorporates elements of spring green. You can use fern leaves for a Greek style, or keep it cleaner with smaller sprigs of green. If you want more color, try using different shades of pinks for a modern, elegant look, or use a variety of greens, oranges, yellows and reds for a more casual, folk-inspired look, which is perfect for outdoor spring nuptials.

For more subtle looks, keep it minimalist with tulips and a simple vase. Using just one or two blooms paired with a little green in a simple, clear vase is a great trend for those who don’t want a bulky arrangement taking up so much space. Perfect for small areas like window sills or window boxes, these arrangements are a gorgeous addition to the minimalist home.

15th Mar 2018

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