Out-of-the-box Ideas for Your Mirrors

Mirrors are not only some of the most beautiful pieces of decor in your home, but they can also serve several functions other than offering a reflection. They can open up a room, add lighting and even serve a purpose as artwork in themselves.Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be simple or as ornate as you choose. If you are looking for different ways to use your favorite mirrors, see below for some unique ideas. Take it outdoors. People often forget that outdoor spaces n …
27th Oct 2017

A Big List of Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse After Your Big Day

One of the biggest hurdles of any wedding is the financial strain it puts on the bride and groom. A great way to cut back on costs without sacrificing anything you desire to have is to choose wedding decorations you already have in your home and that you can reuse again after your celebration is over. Here’s a great list of items you can shop for in your local dollar store, thrift store or even find in your own household. Picture Frames - Vintage oval frames and antique glass picture fram …
5th Jul 2017

How to Decorate a Mantle with Pictures

The focal point of a living room is the fireplace, so it’s very important to decorate it with a bold and captivating style sure to impress homeowners and guests alike. One easy and resourceful way to do this is to use picture frames. Here are some exciting and innovative tips to incorporate them into your mantle décor. Use a variety of picture frames when decorating. Use small oval picture frames, antique glass picture frames, round wooden frames, and large rectangular frames to add vis …
1st Jun 2017