A Big List of Wedding Decorations You Can Reuse After Your Big Day

One of the biggest hurdles of any wedding is the financial strain it puts on the bride and groom. A great way to cut back on costs without sacrificing anything you desire to have is to choose wedding decorations you already have in your home and that you can reuse again after your celebration is over. Here’s a great list of items you can shop for in your local dollar store, thrift store or even find in your own household.

  • Picture Frames - Vintage oval frames and antique glass picture frames add timeless elegance to any wedding day. Use pictures of your friendship/dating/engagement days inside of them and replace them with wedding photographs. You can gift these picture frames to people who were important in making your wedding day wishes come true.
  • Dried Floral Bouquets - Don’t throw that beautiful wedding bouquet away! Dry them upside down in a cool, dry place and frame them in a rectangular shadow box frame. You can also dry various arrangements and display them in pretty bubble glass vases.
  • Tablecloths - Many couples choose to rent matching tablecloths to adorn the tables during their reception. One of the coolest and latest trends in the wedding world is to borrow or buy vintage tablecloths. These don’t have to match and can be used again after the wedding.
  • Vases - Shop at your local thrift store to find bubble glass vases or vintage milk glasses. You can even use mason jars in your floral arrangements and reuse those mason jars in your home to decorate, preserve food or to reuse as drinkware.
  • Picture Banners - Use bits of material, a long line of colorful twine and photographs of people you love to create a picture banner you will enjoy long after your wedding day is over. Tie a bit of scrap fabric around the twine and attach the pictures with clothespins. Hang the picture banner over a window, a screen or around the edge of a table. Guests at your wedding and guests in your home will enjoy looking at all the fun photographs.
  • Picture Frame Guestbook - Instead of the traditional guestbook which gets signed and placed on a shelf never to be opened again, consider choosing a picture frame guestbook instead. Choose a large oval wood frame with a thick mat along the inside of it. Have guests sign the mat with a pretty pen. You’ll enjoy remembering your wedding guests every time you look at the picture frame.
  • Cake Stands - You can never have too many cake stands! Instead of renting cake stands from your caterer, use ones of your own. Cake stands can be reused so many different ways from displaying cakes and food to displaying anything else that’s pretty from elegant perfume bottles, jewelry boxes, pretty soaps and towels or vases of flowers. Cake stands give a nice bit of added height to anything.
  • Twinkle Lights - Pretty twinkle lights add warmth and whimsy to both your wedding décor and your home décor. String them up along the fence for a fun backyard BBQ or add them to your mantle for extra festivity during the holiday season. 
5th Jul 2017

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