Out-of-the-box Ideas for Your Mirrors

Mirrors are not only some of the most beautiful pieces of decor in your home, but they can also serve several functions other than offering a reflection. They can open up a room, add lighting and even serve a purpose as artwork in themselves.

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be simple or as ornate as you choose. If you are looking for different ways to use your favorite mirrors, see below for some unique ideas.

Take it outdoors. People often forget that outdoor spaces need to be decorated as well. If you have a green space that you love to spend time in or entertain with, hanging a mirror on a porch wall will make the space seem like an actual room, and reflect some of nature’s beauty.

Incorporate it in furniture. Mirrored cabinet doors add a touch of modernism and elegance to a new kitchen. Mirrored dressers or coffee tables can turn an ordinary bedroom from blah to fabulous. You can even take mirrored pieces in a geometric pattern to add some sparkle to a backsplash or light reflecting shower wall.

Frame it as an art piece. Instead of making your main living room wall a gallery of busy photos, simplify your look by framing your mirrors in ornate antique glass picture frames. If the mirror is already framed, try placing it within a larger, different shape. Oval mirrors placed in a vintage rectangle make a statement that can’t be ignored. Keep your metals the same for a cohesive look, or mix them for more of a funky wall.

Use them to create illusions. Placing mirrors behind groups of candles placed within an out-of-use fireplace creates the illusion that there are twice as many. This can help to cultivate the image of a warm winter fire, without the heat or the hazard. Adding a large mirror to the opposite wall of a window also creates the idea that you have another window by reflecting the natural light, and outside image.

Create a clean look for your three-dimensional art. Vases placed on a foyer table make a simple statement, but if you want to upgrade that look to be more dramatic, adding a large mirror leaning behind the flowers will not only frame the piece cleanly but add more of a “can’t miss it” look. Protect your more precious pieces with a domed glass overlay.

Use them to give purpose to tightly fitted furniture. That chair shoved into the corner, or that small end table placed between two larger chairs can look out of place, but putting a mirror the same width of the piece will give it a sense of prominence like it’s meant to be there. If you choose to place a full-length mirror behind a small table within your door, you can also have the benefit of giving yourself a quick look over before heading out. 

27th Oct 2017

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