How to Decorate a Mantle with Pictures

The focal point of a living room is the fireplace, so it’s very important to decorate it with a bold and captivating style sure to impress homeowners and guests alike. One easy and resourceful way to do this is to use picture frames. Here are some exciting and innovative tips to incorporate them into your mantle décor.

  • Use a variety of picture frames when decorating. Use small oval picture frames, antique glass picture frames, round wooden frames, and large rectangular frames to add visual interest. For a cohesive look, make sure all the frames are the same color. Make them all gold or silver or aquamarine; just have them match in shade.
  • Decorate with an odd number. Use 3 or 5 or even 9 picture frames. Using an even number is not as visually appealing, but it will create a cleaner, classic look. Choose according to individual style.
  • Use black and white photos to create unity on the mantle. Black and white photos also help to convey the emotion behind each photograph, so choose important moments and people to display. The subjects of the photographs should be visible at least six feet away, so the added clarity from black and white photography is invaluable.
  • Balance your picture frame with a large mirror or piece of art. Make the shape of the art or mirror vary from the shapes of the picture frame. For example, if you used all round wooden frames, make your artwork a big rectangle. Keep the eye interested as it moves across your mantle.
  • Fill in the gaps on the mantle with small pieces. Add candles, figurines, or glass artwork to add to any unnecessary empty space. Candles can provide extra lighting to pictures and give them a beautiful sepia glow which is quite enjoyable.
  • Use layers. Picture frames can lie against each other to create a dimensional look. Place the largest frame in the back and the smallest in the front. Make sure they vary in height and width, and have them touch to create a sense of balance and unity.
  • When there isn’t a lot of space between the ceiling and the mantle, use fewer picture frames and smaller artwork. Less is more, particularly in this case.
  • Double the impact of your décor by placing a mirror directly in front of your mantle on an opposing wall. This will help open up the room and provide balance to the visual scale.
  • Consider changing out décor according to the season. Nothing is more festive than a beautiful evergreen wreath or gorgeous orange pumpkins placed carefully on the mantle to signify the change in seasons. Switch out the photographs in the frames to emphasize the holiday decorating. 
1st Jun 2017

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